Canadian Grand Prix Betting Odds 2020

Canadian Grand Prix Betting Odds

The Formula 1 circus arrives in Montreal and there are plenty of Canadian Grand Prix betting odds. The race was due to take place on Sunday, June 9 on the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on the island of Montreal. However, due to the global pandemic, it hasn't been possible to arrange the event. 

You can also check our guide for Formula 1 betting odds. The Canadian Grand Prix Betting Odds aren't currently available, but as soon as they are they will feature on this page. Last updated August 4, 2020:,0/-/resize/1020x/-/format/jpeg/-/format/auto/-/quality/lightest/-/stretch/off/,0/-/resize/1020x/-/format/jpeg/-/format/auto/-/quality/lightest/-/stretch/off/,0/-/resize/1020x/-/format/jpeg/-/format/auto/-/quality/lightest/-/stretch/off/,27/-/format/jpeg/-/format/auto/-/quality/lightest/-/stretch/off/-/resize/1020x/
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Canadian Grand Prix 2019 Results

Lewis Hamilton won the 2019 Canadian Grand Prix in a time of 1:29:07.084s, finishing the race with more than a three-second lead on his opponents. He also went on to the F1 Championship that year

The final results of the top racers at the 2019 Canadian Grand Prix are below.



Lewis Hamilton


Sebastian Vettel


Charles Leclerc


Valtteri Bottas


Max Verstappen


The Canadian Circuit is an excellent course, but not particularly well-known. Check out the circuit below.

Canadian Grand Prix Betting Odds