F1 CanadaThe Canadian Grand Prix has been a prestigious part of the F1 circuit for nearly half a century, welcoming the best drivers in the world, including Gilles Villeneuve and his son Jacques, both of whom have made an indelible impression on the sport. After a brief hiatus in 2009, Montreal Grand Prix F1 betting lines returned the next year, and a recent deal with the FIA promises to keep this popular event in Montreal.

Montreal GP Betting Trends

Montreal Grand Prix F1 betting trends should result in odds that are similar across various online sportsbooks, with small variations according to betting pools that develop before the race. The sites that we list here all provide appropriate odds, terrific customer service, and bonuses that help to increase the chance for profit.

Outright Winner: The most frequent style of bet for racing often consists of wagering fans selecting the driver they believe will win the event outright. Look to the moneylines to learn more about the odds that sportsbooks set for each event. If Nico Rosberg has a line of +225 while his teammate Lewis Hamilton features a -175 line, bookies and bettors feel that Rosberg will have a more difficult time winning compared to Hamilton.

Fastest Lap: Just because a driver wins an F1 racing event doesn’t automatically mean that he managed to earn the best lap time during the competition. If your sportsbook allows for betting on the fastest lap, you might have a chance to add a rider onto your bet for the winner of the race.

Podium Finish: Since the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve witnessed Michael Schumacher win his first Canadian Grand Prix in a 1994 Benetton-Ford, he and Lewis Hamilton have won this event a stunning twelve times, speaking to their domination of this track. As a result, some fans will want to hedge their bets somewhat by wagering on a top three finish for a driver who will result in a better payoff. Also keep in mind that teams lead by Mercedes technology have won seven races here since 2005, which should further inform your bet on the podium.

Bet On Montreal GP

When you want to bet on Montreal Grand Prix F1 action, prepare yourself by reading up on the latest developments in the sport, including driver, constructor and course issues.

Constructors and Drivers: Formula 1 has always been about a blend of advanced motoring technology and the incredible abilities of human drivers, who must meld with the machine to produce consistent results on the road. Certain teams always end up having an edge on a year-to-year basis, but the recent advantage provided by constructors to their drivers has dampened the human element somewhat.

Depending on the type of bet that you choose to make on the Canadian Grand Prix, you should be aware of which team has the best technology, as well as drivers who have previously managed to overcome the tech advantage in inferior cars. These competitors are more likely to score a heard-earned upset, which results in a solid payday.

Course Conditions: Make note of the forecast before the race to determine whether or not drivers will have to deal with adverse rain conditions. For whatever reason, drivers such as Michael Schumacher, Gilles Villeneuve and Jacky Ickx were nearly unbeatable in the rain, while others struggle to overcome the reduction in traction.

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