Detroit Tigers' Odds

      Below you will find the moneyline MLB odds for the Detroit Tigers next game. Those prices on the Tigers and their opponent will be what you’ll find at various sportsbooks as you begin breaking down the MLB betting card.

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      The Detroit Tigers have been one of the more consistent franchises in MLB in recent years as they were AL Central division champions four years in a row from 2011 to 2014. Three of those four years saw the Tigers win at least one playoff series, but they were never able to bring the big trophy home. Free agency and various trades forced the team to revamp its roster entering the 2015 season and it was a rough transition as they went from the top to the bottom within only a few months…

      Yet, with the likes of Miguel Cabrera, Justin Verlander, and now Justin Upton locked into long term deals with Detroit, bettors aren’t as likely to veer away from Detroit Tigers odds the next few seasons as they did in 2015.

      Detroit Tigers' Standings

      For that four-year stretch, it wasn't hard to find the Detroit Tigers standings position. Things took a downturn in 2015, but there is too much talent on the Tigers for those results to be typical. This year's full standings are here.


      Bet On Detroit Tigers' Games

      Detroit really went for it all during that 2011 to 2014 stretch as they really believed they had a team that could bring the city it's first MLB World Series title since 1984. That era was what many bettors consider to be a strong “championship window” for Detroit and they could never find a way to get it done. Whether it was the fact that their bats went cold at the most inopportune times, or their pitching staff that was loaded with All-Stars started to falter, this organization became known for their playoff failures.

      The biggest problem that has come out of those years of “going for it all” is the fact that the organization has tied their hands a bit with some huge, long-term contracts to superstars like Cabrera and Verlander. Those two guys aren't getting any younger these days and although there are still some other high-priced guys like Ian Kinsler and Justin Upton in town, the rest of the team has to be built on the cheap. That formula for building a team will bring wins, but those flaws tend to always be exposed when the stakes are highest.

      That's why this Tigers team is one that bettors tend to either stay away from or bet against. The big-name players will always attract attention, and therefore inflated lines, and thus it makes it really difficult to turn a consistent profit with this team. Things could change down the road, but philosophical changes within the organization would have to be made.