San Francisco Giants' Odds

      You can see what the moneyline MLB odds are for the San Francisco Giants’ next game below. The odds posted are the current prices sportsbooks are offering on the game and it will be updated with the final score afterwards. We also post daily updates on MLB World Series odds and MLB Playoff Odds. Check them out!

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      When it comes to recent postseason success, there has been no better team in MLB than the San Francisco Giants. Starting in 2010, the Giants were able to capture three World Series championships in a five-year span on the backs of a deep pitching rotation and some timely hitting. Bettors backing the Giants during those championship runs were able to add quite a few units to their bankrolls as SF was never the favourite going into those playoff runs.

      Recent success like that makes San Francisco Giants odds ones that bettors seek out of late. It’s tough to argue with the profitability backing the Giants have brought and everyone wants to bet on a winner.

      San Francisco Giants' Standings

      The Giants/Dodgers rivalry in the NL West has risen to new levels in recent seasons with the success of both franchises. Check below to see if the current San Francisco Giants standings position is better than L.A's.


      Bet On San Francisco Giants' Games

      It's impossible to argue against the success the Giants have had in October since 2010, but bettors would love to see a bit more consistency from this team at times. The Giants World Series championships in 2010, 2012, and 2014, were all followed by a year of missing the playoffs.

      That pattern extends to the Giants success vs the moneyline too, as 2010, 2012, and 2014 all were years of + units for Giants bettors, while 2011, 2013, and 2015 all had the Giants burning money with negative units for year. Clearly it's not as simple as the odd and even year's pattern that many media outlets are quick to point out, but if you believe the Giants are postseason bound, backing them quite often has turned out well in the past.

      Led by the young duo of P Madison Bumgarner and C Buster Posey, this Giants team should be in the running for more championships for years to come. Both of those guys entered the 2016 season still in their mid-20's and the second tier core of those championship teams are young too and have stuck around for the most part. Experiencing a high level of success at an early stage always bodes well for athletes in any sport and the Giants have proved they know how to win ever since they broke through with that 2010 championship.

      The Giants moneyline odds will present more value over time than say, inflated LA Dodgers lines, and they are definitely a team to watch, and bet on, in the NL West for the foreseeable future.