MLB Draft Betting Odds 2020

It’s almost upon us! The MLB Draft odds are white-hot, as the 2020 Major League Baseball amateur draft is imminent. It was recently announced that the draft will function with a new format, resulting in a five-round affair. The MLB Draft betting odds are amongst the most popular each year and we expect this year to be no different.

The lockdown seems to be coming to an end, but the spread of the novel coronavirus means the draft was held virtually, rather than the usual event and all that comes with it. The event is normally held in-person, where the event was due to take place alongside the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska. 

The MLB Draft is over. Below we have the full list of first-round picks that occurred in the 2020 MLB Draft. Take a look!

Pick Player Name
1 Spencer Torkelson Tigers
2 Heston Kjerstad Orioles
3 Max Meyer Marlins
4 Asa Lacey Royals
5 Austin Martin Blue Jays
6 Emerson Hancock Mariners
7 Nick Gonzales  Nick Gonzales
8 Robert Hassell Padres
9 Zac Veen Rockies
10 Reid Detmers Angels
11 Garret Crochet White Sox
12 Austin Hendrick Reds
13 Patrick Bailey Giants 
14 Justin Foscue Rangers
15 Mick Abel Phillies
16 Ed Howard Cubs
17 Nick Yorke Red Sox
18 Bryce Jarvis Diamonds
19 Peter Crow-Armstrong Mets
20 Garrett Mitchell Brewers
21 Jordan Walker Cardinals
22 Cade Cavalli Oklahoma
23 Carson Tucker Indians
24 Nick Bitso Rays
25 Jared Shuster Braves
26 Tyler Soderstrom Athletics
27 Aaron Sabato Twins
28 Austin Wells Yankees
29 Bobby Miller Dodgers

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    So the MLB has scrapped the standard 10 rounds in favour of a five-round format. Going into the Draft, the Orioles have the highest bonus pool at $13,894,300 followed by the team picking first the Detroit Tigers, who have $13,325,700 to play with on Wednesday.

    The new rules are based on an agreement that was reached between team owners and the union back in March when the Covid-19 outbreak put a halt to things. Given the various financial detriments brought about by the lockdown, teams can also delay signing bonuses.

    The MLB is offering a maximum of $100,000 to be paid within 30 days of player signings, with 50% of the remainder due July 1, 2021, and the leftover due July 1, 2022. This is a huge boost for some of the smaller teams that may have struggled to make ends this season.

    The MLB betting odds are available throughout the year, so once this is over with be sure to keep checking back with us for the latest information and game-by-game tracking!

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  • Draft3

    MLB Teams: Who picks first?

    The Detroit Tigers will make the No.1 pick for the second time in three years, after spending much of last season near the bottom of the MLB power rankings and, ultimately, finishing rock bottom of the AL Central.

    Most people are expecting the Tigers to select the Arizona State University first baseman, Spencer Torkelson. He’s been a sensation and would likely walk into the middle of the order position quite quickly.

    While we can’t be sure of how things will be pan out, the team of experts here at Canada Sports Betting expect the top 10 picks to come out something like this:

    1. Spencer Torkelson, Arizona State
    2. Austin Martin, Vanderbilt
    3. Emerson Hancock, Georgia
    4. Asa Lacy, Texas A&M
    5. Max Meyer, Minnesota
    6. Mick Abel, Jesuit
    7. Zac Veen, Spruce Creek
    8. Reid Detmers, Louisville
    9. Nick Gonzales, New Mexico State
    10. Austin Hendrick, West Allegheny


    An Overview of the Top 5 Picks

    It’s likely we’ll see the Texas A&M southpaw Asa Lacy, the right-hander Emerson Hancock and Vanderbilt star Austin Martin. Beyond that, it’s difficult - educated guesses at best. 

    Spencer Torkelson

    A fearsome player, who walked in 31 of his 82 appearances at the plate during the last NCAA season. He has a career homer count of 54 in 498 at-bats. One downside to his game is that he’s only a right-handed first baseman. But with the eye of a pure hitter, this guy could prove to be worth it at No.1 pick.

    Austin Martin

    A powerhouse of a player. He’s a top-tier hitter and a versatile defender. He finished his NCAA career with .368 and more walks than strikeouts. An excellent base runner and a true athlete. He plays primarily as a third baseman but is able to play in almost any position which could work against him or heavily in his favour.

    Emerson Hancock

    An excellent pitcher, boasting a well-rounded arsenal of strikes. He has great athleticism and boasts three excellent variations on his pitches; the mid 90s fastball, slider and his changeup. He has a higher ceiling than some other players at the top of the draft and could go far.

    Asa Lacy

    Lacy is a real favourite among baseball fans and we can see why. Last season he struck out 46 batters in 24 innings. Lacy is an eclectic pitcher and boasts a range of balls. He has the physique and mentality of a star and this is something the scouts have picked up on, with many questioning if he should be the No.1 pick.

    Max Meyer

    A slight man, but someone with ferocity and a hunger for success. With insane arm strength, he can hit the upper-90s without breaking a sweat. He could walk into a big-league bullpen this season and if he progresses as expected he will be a frontline starter. We can see Meyer going far, but let’s see where he’s drafted first.

    First-round picking order

    Be aware that last year’s MLB World Series runners-up the Houston Astros had their first-round pick stripped by the MLB for improper conduct last season. We will cover the first round picking order below.

    1. Detroit Tigers
    2. Baltimore Orioles
    3. Miami Marlins
    4. Kansas City Royals
    5. Toronto Blue Jays
    6. Seattle Mariners
    7. Pittsburgh Pirates
    8. San Diego Padres
    9. Colorado Rockies
    10. Los Angeles Angels
    11. Chicago White Sox
    12. Cincinnati Reds
    13. San Francisco Giants
    14. Texas Rangers
    15. Philadelphia Phillies
    16. Chicago Cubs
    17. Boston Red Sox
    18. Arizona Diamondbacks
    19. New York Mets
    20. Milwaukee Brewers
    21. St. Louis Cardinals
    22. Washington Nationals
    23. Cleveland
    24. Tampa Bay Rays
    25. Atlanta Braves
    26. Oakland Athletics
    27. Minnesota Twins
    28. New York Yankees
    29. Los Angeles Dodgers

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  • Draft2

    When and where is the 2020 MLB Draft?

    The first round of 2020 MLB Draft is set to begin at 19:00 (EST) on Wednesday, June 10, which will be Round 1 of the draft. Rounds 2 through 5 will be held the following day on Thursday, June 11. The first round consists of 37 picks, including the Competitive Balance round.

    The event will be hosted on TV channels ESPN and MLB Network. As well as through downloadable software for handheld devices, through the ESPN mobile app for live streaming.

    We touched on this before, but we were due to head to Omaha in the Cornhusker State. However, the 2020 MLB Draft will take place virtually, with general managers and other staff connecting online.

    Five round limit for MLB 2020 Draft

    In total, there will be 160 picks across the five rounds of the draft. Given the exceptional circumstances we face due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the MLB officials decided to cut the draft from 40 rounds to five.

    The change leaves teams shorthanded, as such the MLB has permitted the signing of players through the season, to make up for the undrafted players. Teams are allowed to sign an unlimited number of players during the season.

    MLB Draft prop bets

    Every year there are new props available for those who are looking to play the MLB Draft markets. MLB lottery odds and MLB draft prop bets are extremely popular, as we see more and more players looking for value outside of the first pick line.

    For those looking to go for something a little different, there is a range of over/under prop bets which users can wager on. Simply playing the odds differently is very appealing to many sportsbook players.

    Bodog is offering plenty of markets for the MLB Draft. It includes several prop bets. Yes, we recommend you have a look at it. If you decide to create an account with them remember that betting with Bitcoin is the safest way to fund your account.

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  • How to make some profit with the MLB Draft bets?

    • Skip the No.1 Pick

      Making the correct picks for the NFL Draft is no simple feat. But one tip we always give is to avoid the No.1 pick, as the odds will be juiced and bettors are unlikely to see a decent return if it comes in.

    • Do your Research

      The more you know, the more chance you have of hitting. Familiarize yourself with the market; the players, the teams and an overall understanding of the MLB Draft.

    • Bet Smart, Bet Quick

      Shop around the various sportsbooks on offer, compare the MLB betting odds and see which providers favor the picks you want to make. Just take a look through our list of top-tier recommended sportsbooks to find the right MLB Draft odds for you.

    • Compare the odds

      Often bettors will be fixated on a particular pick because they feel certain they will hit. This isn’t a bad thing to do, but compare the MLB Draft odds and always look to play the value bets.