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1. Q: When was the last time the Hamilton Tiger-Cats won the Grey Cup?

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A: 1999 was the last time the Tiger-Cats won the Grey Cup. The team has won eight Grey Cups in total.

2. Q: In how many stadiums have the Tiger-Cats played its home games since 1950?

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A: Three. The Hortons Field (since 2014), the Ivor Wynne Stadium (from 1950-2012) and the Alumni Stadium (2013) during the construction of the new ground.

3. Q: True or false: Angelo Mosca played 12 seasons for the Tiger-Cats and won three championships

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A: False. He played 12 seasons and won four championships.

4. Q: Who scored the first ever touchdown for Tiger-Cats in a Grey Cup final?

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A: Ed Songin, in 1953.

5. Q: Who was the first ever player drafted by the Tiger-Cats?

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A: Ray Truant, in 1953.

6. Q: Who did the Tiger-Cats draft in the 2019 CFL draft?

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A: Jesse Gibbon.

7. Q: What role does Geoff Connor have in Tiger-Cats?

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A: He’s the mascot Pigskin Pete.

8. Q: Who was the last Tiger-Cats player chosen as Grey Cup MVP?

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A: Danny McManus, in 1999.

9. Q: Which University shares a similar spirit yell with Tiger-Cats Oskee Wee Wee?

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A: University of California Berkeley.

10. Q: Who will host the 2021 Grey Cup Final?

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A: Hamilton, on November 22nd.



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