How To Bet On Sports

Similar to the wheel, gambling has been a thread in the fabric of society since the stone ages. While the wheel is still round, the sports wagering landscape has changed very dramatically over the years. From the days of back room bookies and the advent of sports lottery schemes, to the introduction of safe and secure online betting websites, how people bet on sports and entertainment continues to evolve on a near daily basis.

Betting Strategies

In order to achieve a perfect balance, which is a mix of ticket cashing success - while enjoying the process, we have created this extensive Learn to Earn video series. Designed to help bettors, of any and all skill levels, our sole goal is to help handicapper's cash winning wagers. Enjoy and Prosper!

How To Make Money Betting On Sports

Being as death and taxes are the only true guarantees in life - no one can promise winning sports wagering advice 100% of the time. Those that do offer "guaranteed picks" should be looked at with a degree of skepticism as they often write checks bettors can't cash. The cold hard truth is that betting, whether on sports, politics or entertainment, always requires a leap of faith. That said, there are ways to minimize your risk and that's where our How to Bet on Sports series comes into play. Understanding the intricacies of betting is just as important as picking the teams to bet on.

How people bet on sports and entertainment continues to evolve on a near daily basis.

From standard wagering that includes spreads, money lines and game totals, to parlay, proposition and teaser betting, the number one key to cashing winning tickets is organizing a proper research path. Knowledge is King and the more information handicapper’s harvest - the better off they will be. Following injury reports, knowing how a team is currently performing, how they play in certain dynamics like at home or on the road, are just a few of many factors for consideration. Bettors also need a stable of reputable sportsbooks like the ones reviewed and ranked in the table below.

As Canadians know from experience, after dealing with the Provincial Sports Lottery schemes, not all betting tips or platforms are created equally. Furthermore, not all gambling shops offer the same options, prices or volume of wagering options. Well beyond variety being the spice of life, having a few different “go to” bookmakers affords bettors an opportunity to search out the best odds and the most valuable prices on the events they invest on. Here at CSB, we have compiled a list of the best bookmakers on the planet. Check them out and then build a personal sports betting hub.

About: Sports betting is more than picking a team and laying your money down. In this series, we’ll show you what your options are and how to take advantage of them so you can have more fun and make more money. You need to learn in order to earn.