Nick Stinchcombe

Nick Stinchcombe

Nick Stinchcombe is a journalist and sports blogger based in Windsor, Ont. He spent most of his 38-year career as a reporter and editor working at three Canadian newspapers. He now enjoys writing for online sports websites.

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The History of the Havana Casino and the Cuban Revolution


American mobsters invested heavily in Havana in the 1950s and built a gaming tourism destination in Cuba that rivalled Las Vegas. The island, located about 100 miles south of Florida, has a deep-rooted tradition in gambling and it has had a major influence on the history of the Havana casino and the Cuban Revolution. The U.S. criminal empire gained a robust foothold in the country and it was exploring doing the same thing in the Dominican Republic and countries in South America.

Best Bingo Online Casinos in Canada


Under the "O" is Online Bingo. There are dozens of bingo and bingo-related games available around the clock from some of the best bingo online casinos in Canada — all without the smoke and crowds. Bingo remains one of the most popular games and forms of gambling played today. That’s an impressive run, considering the game is estimated to be almost 500 years old, even though evidence suggests it was first dubbed "Bingo" in the U.S. in 1929.

Playtech Now Live on Bet365


Playtech's casino offerings are now live on the bet365 platform in New Jersey. Members can enjoy some of the provider's most popular games like White King, Great Blue, and Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven. The software developing company joined forces with the global online gambling giant and signed a long-term deal in early August 2020.

Top 10 Most Heated NFL Fan Bases


Do you know which are the top 10 most heated NFL fan bases?

Ten of the Top 15 telecasts in 2019 were NFL games and almost 100 million viewers watched Super Bowl 53, according to a national media website. So, it's no surprise that tickets to these professional football games are some of the hottest items in the country.

Fans get the party started in the early hours of game day, with tailgating, barbecues, costumes, and endless noise. From Boston to San Francisco and Detroit to Miami, NFL fans put their passion (some would say insanity) on display every weekend of the season.

How to Watch the NBA in Canada?


Are you a Raptors fan? An NBA fan? Are you wondering where to watch the NBA in Canada?

Interest and viewership exploded for the Toronto Raptors on their way to winning their first-ever NBA title in 2019. Sure, the Raptors always had a decent following being the only Canadian organization in a league of 30 professional basketball teams, but championship runs have a way of bringing even fringe fans off the sidelines in the international city to being counted among the 5,000 in "Jurassic Park" outside Scotiabank Arena on the shores of Lake Ontario.

NBA TV Canada

How to Watch the NHL in Canada?


As the National Hockey League playoffs race towards the Stanley Cup finals, Canadian hockey fans scramble to find their favourite team on their preferred viewing outlet. Those games can be seen morning, noon or night depending on what time zone you live in since the league has had to cram a tight schedule of action on each day of the week. The puck drops early in the day in the East in Toronto and finishes late at night out West in Edmonton. So, the question is in our heads: how to watch the NHL games in Canada?

Who Was the Last Canadian Team to Win the Stanley Cup?


Canadian sports fans have the Toronto Blue Jays in baseball, the Toronto Raptors in basketball, and the Grey Cup in football. But hockey is the nation's overwhelming passion as most kids from coast to coast learn to skate with a stick in hand at a very early age.

This is why a decades-old drought of a Canadian team winning the Stanley Cup has many wondering if a team north of the border will ever capture the big one again.

Philippines Official Online Gambling Body Fights Illegal Online Gambling


While the Philippines bans its own citizens from online gambling, the Southeast Asian country is one of the world's richest and most popular destinations of Internet casino operations. The number of foreign online players has soared because of strict travel restrictions during the global pandemic, and now the government-controlled gaming corporation is taking aim at all the illegal sites that have popped up that are not under the agency's regulatory control.

Why Did Toronto Make It To The Short List Of Hub Cities To Host MLB And NHL Games?


The 2020 global pandemic has forced major professional leagues to make some complex decisions. It's certainly not business as usual. Every sport has had to adapt to this new COVID world and in most cases, for now, without fans in attendance.