The Cost of Attending the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

With the 2022 World Cup in Qatar edging ever so closely, people should already be making plans to see it. Attending a World Cup game isn’t like any other experience that you ever had. You might have felt what it was like when Barcelona trumps Real Madrid in El Clasico. Or you saw how it is when Inter Milan turns the game around against AC Milan in the Derby della Madonnina.

But it is simply incomparable with the greatest tournament that the world of football can bring. The atmosphere at a World Cup is unmatched. It simply cannot be compared with any other kind of local derby, big or small.

Keep in mind the fact that the Mexican Wave originated during the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. It is a moment in history that all fans of football will remember for years to come. If you want to be a part of the same sensation, then you simply have to go and see a game or two during the World Cup.

But how big of a dent will a visit to see the World Cup put in your budget? We will discuss that today and help you calculate the best and most cost-effective route to Qatar.

The Cost of Going to the 2022 World Cup from Canada

The Maple Leafs have qualified for only the second time at a World Cup. So it presents a unique opportunity for people from Canada to go and support their national team. Alphonso Davies, Jonathan David, and Milan Borjan are going to require support. But in order to provide one, Canadians are going to have to fork up a hefty amount of money.

Staying for the entirety of the World Cup will be the most expensive for the people of Vancouver. They will have to spend a total of $98,032.09 if flying economy, or $103,574.40, if going by business class. If you are a resident of Winnipeg, you are in luck as your cost would then total to $97,424.85 economy or $100,106.41 business class.

Flight costs are the most expensive part of your adventure. Since you are going to be arriving in Doha, people coming from Montreal will be spending the most on economy flight tickets ($3,330.37), while people from Vancouver will be spending the most on business class flights ($8,605.52).

No matter where you decide to travel from, you are going to have to eat. If you plan to stay for the entirety of the World Cup, from November 22. to December 19., you are going to have to spend $692.16 for the period if we count three meals a day, of course.

Group Stages Only

Unfortunately, Canada does not have a lot of chances to make it out of the group stages. They are going to be playing alongside Belgium, Croatia, and Morocco in Group F. If you are of the opinion that Canada is in for an early exit, then it might be more cost-effective to plan a stay for only the first part of the tournament.

In such a case, people from Calgary will have the most expensive economy flight tickets to deal with at $4,920.13. On the other hand, a business flight from Vancouver to Doha will require you to spend $8,558.58. In total, people from Calgary will have to invest $38,704.98 (economy flight) to see the World Cup. On the other hand, those that prefer taking a business flight and coming from Vancouver will be spending $42,343.43.

The cheapest total spending for the group stage is reserved for those coming from Montreal at $36,691.81 economy price or Winnipeg residents at $38,922.38 business class.

When it comes to meal expenses, those will come down as well for only the preliminary part of the tournament and will be around $271.92 for three meals a day.

Accommodation Options

When it comes to finding a good place to stay, picking an Airbnb is your best and cheapest choice. Canadians will need to spend around $33,512.93 on this type of accommodation if they plan to stay during the group stages only. If they decide to stay for the entire tournament, that price comes up to $94,276.72 in total.

Apart from the price of the tickets, paying for a place to stay is one of the biggest expenditures. So you should avoid big expensive hotels and opt-in for a reliable but cheap option such as a delightful Airbnb in Qatar.

The Cost of Going to the 2022 World Cup from the USA

When compared to Canadian prices, people from the US will be spending a little bit more to attend the 2022 World Cup. The same as with Canada, the prices and your total cost will differ depending on the place where you come from.

Therefore, the people travelling from New York will have to spend the most on business class at $101,812.62 for total spending. Economy class tickets are the most expensive for those flying out of Washington at $94,147.60

On the other hand, the cheapest business class cost is for those coming out of Atlanta, as they will need to pay $100,280.78 in order to be there for all of the matches of the World Cup. Surprisingly, the economy flight total cost is the cheapest for those coming from the Big Apple, at $92,636.24.

If we only look at the ticket price cost, you will notice that the US prices are a bit higher than the Canadian ones. For instance, the most expensive economy flight costs $4,121.00 for those coming out of Washington. On the other hand, the cheapest economy ticket is $2,609.64 and is reserved for New York residents.

Those coming out of New York will have to pay the most for business flights at $11,786.02. Atlanta boasts the cheapest business flight options at $10,254.18.

Interestingly enough, US travellers will have to spend a bit more on food. Having three meals a day during the entire World Cup will cost about $741.60.

Group Stages Only

Compared to Canada, the USA national team has more experience performing at the World Cup. Not only that, but they also have a slighter chance of advancing through. They will play alongside England, Wales, and Iran.

But if you don’t want to run the risk and only want to watch the group stages of the tournament, the costs will be a bit cheaper. The most expensive option will be for those coming from Washington at $36,909.53 economy flight. The cheapest way to view the group stages of the World Cup is through Houston at $35,836.35 economy prices.

Those preferring to travel via business class will need to pay $44,906.28 if coming from Los Angeles. But the cheapest business class offer is available to people travelling from Atlanta at $43,191.40.

Booking only the flight for the period between November 20th till November 30th is the most expensive in Washington at $4,083.00 for economy class. On the other hand, Houston natives will need to pay $3,009.82 for the same type of ticket. If you decide to travel by business, tickets from Los Angeles are the most expensive at $12,079.75. While visitors coming from Atlanta will only have to pay $10,364.87.

Accommodation Options

When it comes to staying in Qatar, the same type of accommodation as proposed to Canadian visitors is offered for the US ones. Renting an Airbnb is your best and safest bet during this trip.

Interestingly, renting an Airbnb for US visitors is going to be cheaper than for Canadians. They will have to pay $32,554.61 for the period of the group stage. Those staying there for the entire tournament will have to pay $89,285.00. Making it a lot cheaper for US visitors than Canadian ones.