Traffic Has Been Redirected to Canada Sports Betting

CBS, meet CSB! We are pleased to announce that is now part of the Canada Sports Betting and Better Collective umbrella.

For a little bit about us – Canada Sports Betting is the flagship Canadian platform of Better Collective, one of the world’s biggest sports betting media companies. We’re a Canadian platform, run in Canada by a predominantly Canadian staff with a wealth of knowledge of both sports and sports betting, determined to bring you the best information on the rapidly-growing Canadian sports betting landscape. Be it industry news, background on the sporting events that power our wagers, or the best information possible on every Canadian sportsbook & online casino from coast to cast, Canada Sports Betting has you covered for all your sports betting needs!

CBS has done an incredible job over the years touching on topics pertinent to Canadian sports fans and bettors. With that in mind, we’ve decided to combine the best of what was done there into our industry-leading coverage here, giving you the best of all worlds! Be sure to poke around and see what we have to offer – if you want a few places to start, though, check out the below:

Best Canada Online Betting Sites: We’ve reviewed all of Canada’s most popular sportsbooks so you don’t have to do all the individual research yourself. This page will let you know who our favourite books are, what the benefits are, along with a deep explanation of what our process and criteria entails. We take our recommendations very seriously, and don’t rank books at the top unless we truly believe in them.

Canadian Sportsbook Reviews: We’ve taken comprehensive looks at all of the major Canadian sportsbooks, which you can find throughout our website. For example, our Sports Interaction Canada Review breaks down their expertise in areas like live betting, while our NorthStar Bets Review details how their integration with media properties sets them apart. Other popular books like Bet99, bet365 Canada, Caesars Ontario, and more are covered as well, both in their strengths and weaknesses.

Best Sports Betting Apps: If you’re the type of person that does most of their betting on their phone, this is the page for you. We take a more mobile-specific approach to this breakdown, listing our favourites and why we like them.

Odds Calculator: Confused by different platforms using different formats? We explain the differences and show you how to convert them on this age.

Betting Odds: Whether you’re looking for NHL Odds, NFL Odds, NBA Odds, UFC Odds, World Cup Odds, or even some of the more niche stuff like Curling, CFL, or even eSports, we’ve got you covered with our in-depth, consistently odds guides. This is just barely scratching the surface, too – spend some time on CSB and you’ll find all sorts of resources for sports, leagues, and individual teams.

Betting Guides: Want to master your craft? We’ve got guides for you! Our most popular ones include our guides on how to bet on sports, how live betting works, and how do odds work. We also have a betting glossary and many other resources available.

Legal Betting & Gambling Law Guides: Canada’s push towards a more regulated market is a little confusing for some, but a great bet for the long run. Some markets, like Ontario, have leaned into third-party vendors, while other provinces have been a bit more cautious. Use our guides to figure out what’s legal and what isn’t where you live.

The Latest News: Our editorial team has their fingers on the pulse! Be it previews for the biggest events and tournaments, predictions for upcoming games, news from around the major leagues, or even news about the industry itself, you’ll have no shortage of content to keep up with.

This is all just the tip of the iceberg, though – there’s so much more available to you here at CSB! In typical Canadian fashion, we’re sorry this wasn’t the page you were looking for – but we hope you’ll find what you see instead even better than expected!