Canada Hoping To Host The 2030 Winter Olympics

While the 2022 Winter Olympics just wrapped up, that doesn’t mean for a second that people aren’t already looking ahead to the future. In some truly exciting news for people up north, the news has come in that Canada hoping to host the 2030 Winter Olympics. This would, of course, be amazing for the entire country, as there’s been plenty of excitement for the younger athletes.

This would be considered a major victory for Canadians as a whole, of course including the government. From the moment it was announced that Canada would enter the race to host things, people truly have been excited. As a matter of fact, those same people are starting to get their hopes up about Canada potentially winning out. Things won’t be easy, though.

As things stand, several other countries – with major cities – are hoping to host the Olympics. Places of note include Salt Lake City in Utah and Japan. For Canada, the headline is Vancouver, which has people in the city buzzing. Imagine if Vancouver is able to host the Winter Olympics. It’d be nothing short of golden for the place, as well as the local businesses.

People from all over the world would head to Canada for the Olympics. The hope is that everything will be handled with COVID come 2030 too, which would potentially result in no restrictions for travellers and the athletes who participate. As everyone knows, this wasn’t the case for the 2022 Winter Olympics, as cases were still high across the globe. It was tough to see.

Canada had plenty of success in the 2022 Winter Olympics

What makes things even more exciting for Canadians is that Canada had plenty of success in the 2022 Winter Olympics. In case you missed things earlier this year, Canada had a total of 26 medals for the games. It was exciting to see, as people were so thrilled to perform so well for the country. While the total number of gold medals was a bit disappointing, that doesn’t take away from the showing.

As a matter of fact, people are still talking about the gold medal for Canada in women’s hockey. What made that performance even more special was that Canada was able to record that title win over the United States. That rivalry has grown into one of the biggest and best in the world in terms of women’s hockey. In this case, though, Canada was able to get some sweet revenge on the Team USA side.

“Completely satisfied with that performance,” Canada’s Olympic Committee chief executive officer David Shoemaker said in an interview. “I think that puts us in the company that we always aspire to compete with. Let’s not gloss over how difficult these last two years were for Team Canada that, in my estimation, had to endure the most restrictive COVID protocols of any nation.”

As you can see from Shoemaker’s quote, the entire Canadian team was quite proud of the performance. Yes, the four gold medals weren’t what anyone was hoping for, but there was so much adversity this entire group faced in the preparations for the Olympics. Now, people can’t wait to see what Canada can do in 2026. Then, people will be ready to see how things go in 2030. Imagine if it’s in Canada.

When will the 2030 Winter Olympics host be announced?

With so much speculation going on right now, everyone is wondering when will the 2030 Winter Olympics host be announced? As things stand, there’s been no set a date for when the winner of the hosting rights will be revealed, but generally speaking, things typically go down about seven years before the games are set to start. With this, you could expect Canada to find out at some point in 2023.

People have been hoping to find out the 2030 host as soon as possible, but there are still plenty of other factors that need to be considered before the committee makes its announcement. Despite people needing to wait a little longer, there are high hopes for Canada here. The country is no stranger to hosting big events like this and Vancouver would most definitely be ready to make a splash too.

The timing for the announcement makes a ton of sense too – as seven years is viewed as a great time frame. Hosting the Olympics is a major deal and cities and the surrounding areas need plenty of time to prepare for things. As mentioned previously, this is going to be massive for local businesses, as people from all over the world would prepare to get to Canada for these games.

The seven years would be more than enough time to get things in order across the board. People have their fingers crossed in hopes that Canada will be given the 2030 games. Their athletes would be ready to bring home even more medals and things would surely be made extra special if they could do it on their home soil. Stay tuned to see what the committee ends up deciding here.