bet365 Canada World Cup 2022 Match Day Betting Preview Dec. 2

On Dec. 2, FIFA World Cup teams in groups G and H will not only play their final leg of group action, but also their final day in the group stage period. Aside from Brazil, which has earned six points through a pair of wins, there is a lot left to be decided before moving to the knockout stage.

In Group H, Portugal and Ghana have set themselves up well to advance. In Group G, since Brazil has already locked up its position in the knockout stage, it’s a battle for second place. While Switzerland has the inside edge on moving forward, one slip up and it could find itself in a bad spot.

Here are the match day odds courtesy of bet365:

Match Odds
South Korea vs. PortugalSouth Korea (+375), Draw (+320), Portugal (-154)
Ghana vs. UruguayGhana (+375), Draw (+280), Uruguay (-138)
Cameroon vs. BrazilCameroon (+700), Draw (+400), Brazil (-275)
Serbia vs. Switzerland Serbia (+160), Draw (+230), Switzerland (+180)

South Korea vs. Portugal betting preview

Match Odds
South Korea vs. PortugalSouth Korea (+375), Draw (+320), Portugal (-154)
Total GoalsOver 2.5 (-125), Under 2.5 (+100)
To Lead at HalftimePortugal (+120)

Portugal punched its ticket into the knockout stage with a decisive 2-0 victory over Uruguay on Nov. 28, making this all but a formality. For South Korea, however, things may not be quite as solidified.

The simple fact of the matter is that South Korea’s fate is not in its own hands. Should Ghana beat Uruguay, South Korea is out. Even then, Ghana would need to beat group leader Portugal and then hope for an Uruguay win, or a draw, in order to qualify.

South Korea wins if: it uses its extra motivation to its advantage. It’s hard to picture South Korea winning given the performance that Portugal has put together to date. Given the high-ranking Portuguese attack (2.5 goals per match) against the somewhat disappointing South Korean defence (1.5 goals conceded per match), the odds are not in favour of South Korea. However, since Portugal has already locked up the top spot, it might not be fighting as hard.

Portugal wins if: Its star power takes over the game. So long as Portugal doesn’t get caught looking ahead to the knockout stage, it should be business as usual. The Portuguese have the offensive firepower and talent to beat anyone in the field, and the mismatch between the two sides is apparent. They are a step above South Korea in terms of elite talent.

Mismatch to watch: Cristiano Ronaldo gets most of the media attention, but Bruno Fernandes has been a focal point for Portugal. With two goals and two assists, he’s arguably the most dangerous player the side has right now. How the South Korean defence attempts to contain him will be crucial to the end result.

Prop to watch: Portugal’s attack is deadly, making the +120 odds of it leading at halftime a good value play. South Korea will likely opt to be more aggressive in order to press, which could result in mistakes for Portugal to cash in on.

Ghana vs. Uruguay betting preview

Match Odds
Ghana vs. UruguayGhana (+375), Draw (+280), Uruguay (-138)
Total GoalsOver 2.5 (+100), Under 2.5 (-125)
To Miss A Penalty KickGhana (+2500)

Despite trailing in the standings, Uruguay is the favourite to walk away with the win at -138 odds. Given that Uruguay is in a win-and you’re-in scenario, the added motivation is definitely a factor in this game.

Ghana has a win and a loss to date, putting it second in the group behind Portugal. Both teams are playing for their lives, but Ghana has the benefit of getting in with a tie and a South Korea loss. This should be the hottest and most tightly-contested match of the day with so much on the line.

Ghana wins if: It overpowers Uruguay. Ghana has five goals in the tournament, good for fourth behind Spain (eight) France (six), and England (six). That said, the nation has also yielded the third-most goals in the tournament with five, so its defensive efforts will need to be tighter.

Uruguay wins if: It gets some goals from veteran attackers. Uruguay will need to find a way to get on the board, something it has not done to date. Uruguay predicates its game on a smothering defensive style but will need to break out the offence in hopes of advancing. Experienced strikers like Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani will need to show up big.

Mismatch to watch: Mohammed Kudus has a pair of goals for Ghana through group play. If its attack is to move forward, as usual, it’s likely that he will play a big part in that. His getting hot again could send Ghana through to the knockout stage. How Uruguay deals with the 22-year-old midfielder will be crucial to the final result.

Prop to watch: If you believe in history repeating itself, Ghana to miss a penalty at +2500 would be a smart and poetic wager. Soccer fans will remember the famously-missed penalty in the 2010 World Cup by Asamoah Gyan in that Ghana vs. Uruguay quarterfinals game.

Cameroon vs. Brazil betting preview

Match Odds
Cameroon vs. BrazilCameroon (+700), Draw (+400), Brazil (-275)
Total GoalsOver 2.5 (-138), Under 2.5 (+110)
To Score On A Penalty KickBrazil (+275)

Brazil has already qualified for the knockout stage, having won both of its contests to date. That said, it doesn’t stop them from walking into the final day of group play against Cameroon as the heavy favourite with -275 odds.

If anything, this is the kind of game that Brazil needs to be cautious about. Momentum heading into the Round of 16 is crucial and a loss to Cameroon – which has not been much of a threat thus far – would be impactful.

Cameroon wins if: It manages to catch Brazil sleeping. Cameroon’s life is on the line, so anything less than a full effort won’t do. Triumphing over Brazil will require a lot to go right, and this is the time for Cameroon to play its perfect game if there is such a thing. Even if Cameroon plays the perfect game, it will also need some luck to advance.

Brazil wins if: It stays the course. Brazil has the firepower to compete with anyone in the tournament, and it’s tough to criticize anything about its performance to date. Unless it doesn’t take this game seriously, Brazil should walk away with at least a draw, though a win is far more likely.

Mismatch to watch: With star forward Neymar out due to an ankle injury, the focus will shift elsewhere. Richarlison may not have the star power behind him that Neymar does, but he can score from anywhere. With a pair of goals through two games, he’s among the top scorers in the tournament so far.

Prop to watch: Brazil to score on a penalty at +275 has the chance to deliver serious value on the day. Brazil creates a lot of chances, and it isn’t out of the realm of possibility to see it bury one in this scenario.

Serbia vs. Switzerland betting preview

Match Odds
Serbia vs. SwitzerlandSerbia (+160), Draw (+230), Switzerland (+180)
Total GoalsOver 2.5 (+100), Under 2.5 (-125)
First Half GoalsUnder 0.5 (+175)

Though Serbia (+160) is the slight favourite coming into this match, the Swiss are in the driver’s seat. They have not officially punched their ticket to the knockout stage, but a lot of the scenarios are in their favour.

A win over Serbia puts them in. Even a draw gets them in, should Brazil win or draw against Cameroon. The only situation in which things would come into question would be with a loss and a Cameroon win, which would then result in goal differential being the deciding factor.

Serbia wins if: Its impressive front line can break through the tough Swiss defence. Serbia came into World Cup play with a bit of momentum and has the firepower to show out against the Swiss. Players like Dusan Tadic have the ability to put the ball in the back of the net and will need to do so to grab all three of these crucial points.

Switzerland wins if: It keeps its composure and reduces mistakes. There is a difference between playing soundly and being too conservative. Switzerland can be efficient and has shown well throughout the group stage. Mistake-free play is the way to advance to the knockout stage.

Mismatch to watch: It’s hard not to focus on Aleksander Mitrovic. The Fulham striker has looked great so far and if anyone is going to put Serbia over the top, it will be him. If he can break out against a tough Swiss defence, it will put more eyes on him going forward.

Prop to watch: With so much on the line and no margin for error, this will likely be a constricting defensive battle. Betting on First Half Goals Under 0.5 at +175 might have some value before things open up slightly in the second half.