KOTCIt’s hard to believe that King of the Cage betting lines have been around for nearly two decades now, offering fight fans a chance to weigh in on some of the most exciting bouts in the world. Started by Terry Trebilcock in 1998, ownership of this organization changed hands briefly before Terry reacquired the business. Afterwards, he joined forces with reality TV heavyweight Mark Burnett to develop a variety of exciting MMA events.

King of the Cage Betting Trends

Since the mid 1990s, sportsbooks have offered a secure, legitimate method of responsible gaming for fans of all types of sports around the world. Those who are interested in King of the Cage betting trends should take a look at the following list of sportsbooks, all of which provide fantastic service and even betting bonuses that welcome newcomers.

Bet On King of the Cage

Despite the fact that King of the Cage has been around for quite a while, the level of talent that competes at these events usually aren’t the same as the biggest organizations, such as Bellator and the UFC. Nonetheless, over the years, there have been many superb MMA practitioners who flexed their muscles and skills in the cage to great effect, adding to the momentum of their careers.

Grapplers vs. Strikers: The main type of split between fighting styles tend to be the difference between strikers and grapplers. As a general rule, strikers tend to dominate long range fighting while grapplers are most comfortable twisting a knot around their opponent with their own limbs. Grapplers always risk catching a fist or a knee to the face on their way inside, which completely turns the momentum of a match in a split second. However, once a grappler penetrates the perimeter defence, strikers end up wasting energy to avoid a submission, which drains their power later on in a bout. As a result, placing a wager on a striker who gets more decisions than knockouts is likely to be a greater risk than a grappler who plays the long game.

Weight Class: Some fighters compete in multiple weight classes, with a select few talented individuals able to dominate at multiple weights. If a fighter is joining a new weight class for the first time, you might want to avoid placing your wager on them until they’ve proven their mettle in their new division - unless they happen to be one of those uber-talented gladiators who dominate all opponents, regardless of size.