Finishing second in the league in the last season, the Arizona Cardinals are one of the strongest teams in the NFL. This prestige may be because the Cardinals have had a lot of time to practice. They are the oldest franchise in the NFL, being over 118 years old. With that age comes ample opportunity to win a Super Bowl, yet, the Cardinals have been unable to win a single one. But, looking at their performance in the recent years, and looking at the Cardinals statistics, the future looks very promising.

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The Arizona Cardinals are the oldest team in the NFL. Having over 118 years of age, this franchise has been through many challenges. The Cardinals have won two league championships, pre-dating the Super Bowl. The most recent of these was in 1947. They have also won one Conference Championship in 2008. They have won 7 Division Championships, the most recent of which was in 2015. Moreover, the Arizona Cardinals have been in the playoffs 10 times, the most recent of which was in 2015. In the past five years, the Cardinals have been in the playoffs twice.

Some of the strengths of the Cardinals is their incredible team work. In the most recent season, 2015-2016, the Cardinals finished second in the league. They won 13 games and lost 3 games. This give the Arizona Cardinals a win percentage of .813. Moreover, they scored 489 points for and allowed for only 313 goals against to be scored. This give the Cardinals a net score of 176. One of the Cardinal’s’ weaknesses is their defense. Although, overall the Cardinals are a strong team with almost unlimited potential, their defense is the only part of their team that could use a boost.