Minnesota Twins' Odds

To see what the moneyline MLB odds are for the Minnesota Twins next game, check below. It lists the odds sportsbooks are offering for a Twins win next time out and will be updated with the final score afterwards.

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Minnesota Twins' Standings

Rebuilding can take some time for teams to find success and that's why it's important to keep an eye on the Minnesota Twins standings position to see how they are doing in that regard. This year's standings are below.


Bet On Minnesota Twins' Games

After four seasons of many more losses than wins, the 2015 season for the Minnesota Twins was viewed as a step in the right direction for this organization. They may have still missed the playoffs and been just four games over the .500 mark (83-79 SU), but bettors prefer the fact that they finished the year 20.3 units up on moneyline bets.

That means, that if you were to put $100 on the Twins to win every game in 2015, you ended up profiting a little over $2000 ($2030). That number alone goes to show you how undervalued Minnesota was at times and how often they came through as a +175 or +200 or a greater underdog.

As positive as those numbers were, it's up to you to really determine if 2015 was more of a “one-off” season for this organization, or truly a step back up the climb towards relevance again. The Twins have some solid young building blocks in 3B/OF Miguel Sano and OF Byron Buxton, and 1B Joe Mauer can still hit with the best of them in this league. Being as young as they are, the Twins will still experience some growing pains in the next few years, but counting them out as big underdogs may be a mistake as the 2015 season proved.

This is an organization that has to develop many players from within to remain competitive, and the next few seasons for Minnesota will be very telling in that regard.