Kansas City Royals' Odds

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      The Kansas City Royals organization went through a lot of very tough years in the 1990s and 2000s. The Royals only had three winning seasons from 1990 to 2012, and they lost 100 or more games three straight years (2004-06) and four times in five seasons as well. They were a team that bettors consistently went against during those lean times, but they turned things around dramatically in 2013 and have experienced plenty of success since then.

      Kansas City entered the 2016 season looking to get to the World Series for the third consecutive year and ultimately defend the championship they won in 2015. It’s been a remarkable turn around for this franchise and it’s shifted bettor’s perspectives on Kansas City Royals odds dramatically.

      Kansas City Royals' Standings

      The Kansas City Royals standings picture was always an ugly one during the '90s and 2000s, but it's been a much nicer one recently. Below you will find where the Royals sit in this year's standings.


      Bet On Kansas City Royals' Games

      Kansas City's dramatic turnaround was the result of some phenomenal work by their scouting and development teams below the major league level. Nearly all of the key players on the Royals during their 2014 and 2015 World Series runs were homegrown talent either drafted by the Royals and groomed in the minors, or traded for and developed the same way.

      It speaks to just how revered this organization's management team has become lately, with many other franchises looking to copy the mould.

      Another way the Royals turned things around was by shifting the narrative on how to build a consistent winner in this league. Obviously every team needs hitters that can continually produce, but KC's strategy to build a dominant and deep bullpen to shorten the game and hold leads is something other franchises have begun to mimic.

      KC shifted the paradigm on the idea that you need high-quality starters to go 8+ innings a start to have success as they only ask for 5+ innings from their starters, hope to grab a lead and let the flamethrowers in the bullpen bring home the W.

      The results have been undeniable the past few years, but bettors are continually wondering how long a strategy like this can bring continued success.

      Therefore, bettors may find that KC is actually a team that's a little overvalued the next few years by the oddsmakers and recreational bettors. Everyone prefers to bet on a winner and with KC being in that “winning” category now, the next few seasons may be the best time to go against this team more often.