Washington Nationals' Odds

You can view the moneyline prices for the Washington Nationals next game below. It lists the odds for Washington and their opponent to help you begin your handicapping process.

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Since the Washington Nationals brought superstar phenom, Bryce Harper, to the big leagues in 2012, this team has always had to answer “what if” questions. That same year they shutdown P Stephen Strasburg because of an innings limit, and many wondered had they allowed him to pitch in the MLB playoffs would Washington have lost the NLDS. In fact, Washington has two first-round playoff exits in the Bryce Harper Era.

The team has yet to fully live up to their expectations. Organizations in that cycle can be frustrating for bettors at times, but they can also bring plenty of profits as well. Whether you are looking to back Washington Nationals odds when they are performing well or fading them when you think that inevitable blow-up happens, bettors enjoy following this team each season. 

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Washington Nationals' Standings

Since Harper's arrival, you have been able to find the Washington Nationals standings position in either 1st or 2nd in the NL East each year. Chec

k this year's standings below to see if that's the case again this season.


Bet On Washington Nationals' Games

Underachievers are the word you hear most often about this Washington Nationals organization as many bettors, media members and other MLB executives believe this team is far too talented to have the results they have since 2012. Failing to win a single playoff series is something this team has to overcome fairly quickly before management decides that drastic changes are needed.

Changes have been aplenty since 2012 as the Nationals hiring of manager Dusty Baker for the 2016 season is the third skipper this team has had in that span. The other two, Davey Johnson and Matt Williams each won a Manager of the Year award too before being canned a year later.

If that doesn't tell you the pressure this organization feels to bring a postseason winner here, I'm not sure what would. Playing tremendous baseball on a daily basis when that type of pressure looms over an organization, but bettors looking to go against Washington more often than not can use that to their advantage.

In 2015, Washington finished 25th of 30 teams against the betting line as they finished -18.9 units on the year. They were the only team in the bottom eight of that category to actually have a winning record straight up, which is significant because it means they lost plenty of games as very heavy favourites. Until that changes, this is a team bettors should look to bet against when the situation dictates it because the pressure to win has been tearing this team up from the inside out since Harper arrived.