MLB Playoff Odds 2019

Find Major League Baseball odds and other useful information for making to the 2019 Major League Baseball playoffs odds

MLB Odds to make to the Playoffs
Houston Astros +375
+450 +500
Los Angeles Dodgers +550 +500 +600
New York Yankees +600 +550 +650
Philadelphia Phillies +950 +1000 +1000
Boston Red Sox +1200 +1200 +900
Tampa Bay Rays +1200 +1300 +1400
Milwaukee Brewers +1300 +1400 +1100
St. Louis Cardinals +1600 +1500 +1600
Cleveland Indians +1600 +1700 +1400
Chicago Cubs +1700 +1500 +2000
New York Mets +1800 +1900 +1400
Washington Nationals +2200 +2000 +1800
Atlanta Braves +2200 +2300 +2200
Seattle Mariners +2500 +2300 +2500
Pittsburgh Pirates +2500 +2800 +5000
Minnesota Twins +3000 +2800 +2800
San Diego Padres +3500 +3000 +4000
Arizona Diamondbacks +4000 +5000 +6600
Oakland Athletics +4500 +5000 +4000
Colorado Rockies +6600 +6600 +6600
Texas Rangers +8000 +6600 +15000
Toronto Blue Jays +10000 +10000 +20000
Los Angeles Angels +12500 +10000 +10000
Chicago White Sox +15000 +20000 +17500
Cincinnati Reds +15000 +15000 +15000
Detroit Tigers +15000 +10000 +15000
San Francisco Giants +20000 +12500 +12500
Kansas City Royals +40000 +30000 +50000
Baltimore Orioles +40000 +20000 +40000
Miami Marlins +75000 +70000 +75000

Odds to Make it to the Playoffs

MLB Playoff odds 2019

MLB odds of making the playoffs typically start with the best teams from the last season opening as favourites the following year. The 2019 MLB season is no different. Despite a sluggish start, the Boston Red Sox are still near the top of the odds to win the 2019 World Series. Alongside Boston, for the best odds to make the playoffs is the Houston Astros.

The Astros are coming off consecutive 100+ win seasons and, with all their talent, could eclipse 100 wins again in 2019. Even if they fail to win 100 games, it is hard to see arguably the best overall roster in baseball missing the playoffs.

The other teams with the best odds of making the MLB playoffs include the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees.  The Yankees came into the season as one of the favourites to win the World Series. Some early season injuries have hurt their odds a bit, but they are still worthy contender due to their depth. The Dodgers, even in the face of stiff competition in the NL West, look great to start the season. Even if the Padres or Diamondbacks beat them out for the NL West crown, they are still a great bet to snag a Wild Card spot.

What are the odds for the Toronto Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays opened the MLB season with some of the worst odds of making the playoffs in 2019. The Blue Jays are in full rebuild mode, and most fans and bettors realize 2019 is about development, not competing.

Of course, the Jays finally made the move fans have been clamouring for, calling up the MLB’s top prospect. With Vladimir Guerrero Jr. in their lineup, the Jays odds of making the playoffs improved slightly and in their first three games with the superstar-in-the-making, they swept Oakland. Still, as touted Vlady Jr. is, in a strong American League East (with three teams coming off 90 or more win seasons), the Jays are still a longshot at making the playoffs (+2500 odds of winning the AL East).

Odds to make to the Playoffs

Once we have the MLB playoff brackets, we will publish the baseball playoff series odds.

MLB Playoff Predictions 2019

As the case is with any sport, there are no guarantees, but there always are some best bet. For 2019 MLB postseason predictions, the best bet is the Cleveland Indians. The Indians are the best team, in what is arguably the worst Division in baseball.

There only competition comes from the Minnesota Twins, who the Indians beat by 13.0 games last season to win the AL Central. The Indians are -300 to win their fourth straight Division title, and worth a bet to repeat.

An underdog worth looking at is the Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays won a surprising 90 games last season, despite trading away multiple players last season. The Rays are a franchise known for building through their farm system and turning role players received into MLB starters. They opened the 2019 MLB season at +300 to make the playoffs, and if they continue to play well into May and June, those odds will change quickly, as more MLB playoff predictions have the Rays making the Wild Card game, or even pulling off a surprise American League East Division title.

MLB Playoff Predictions 2019

Other good bets to make the playoffs are the Milwaukee Brewers (with reigning NL MVP Christian Yelich looking like he could repeat), the Philadelphia Phillies (who with Bryce Harper have the most stable roster in the erratic NL East) and the Boston Red Sox (who are the best team, until proven otherwise).

What are the types of MLB Playoff Odds

During the MLB playoffs, the three main betting options are MLB moneylines, MLB game totals and MLB run lines.

MLB Playoffs Moneyline

The most common wager on MLB playoff games is the moneyline. Like the regular season, the starting pitcher is the top factor in determining a game’s moneyline. Injuries and home field advantage are weighted into the odds as well. Rest is less a factor as there is more time off during the playoffs.

Baseball Playoff Series Odds

In general, moneylines in the playoffs are closer together than they are during the regular season. The Boston Red Sox in 2018 playoffs saw all 14 of their playoff moneylines range between -170 and +155 (compared to the regular season, which saw them as favourites of -300 or more a dozen times).

MLB Playoff Game Totals

With rotations shrinking in the playoffs to four or even three pitchers per playoff series, plus more off-days for relief pitchers to recover, playoff baseball is on average lower scoring. Run totals more frequently fall into the 7.5 to 8.5 range in the playoffs.

The best strategy for betting playoff run totals is to wait until the ALCS and NLCS. Betting the under during the LCS and World Series. In 2017, 14 of 19 games over the round rounds finished with eight runs or less.

MLB Playoff Run Lines

Where bettors find the most value in the playoffs is on MLB playoff run lines. As moneylines are much closer in the playoffs, run lines offer better value when betting on favourites. This betting value is partly because how few games in the playoffs are decided by a single run. Last year’s Pennant winners, the Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers, combined for eight one-run games previous postseason, over 30 games total. Consider betting the home team more often on the run line in the playoffs.

MLB Playoff Picks

How do MLB Baseball Playoffs work

The MLB playoffs are broken down into four rounds, starting with the Wild Card games and ending with the World Series. The Wild Card games, played between the two teams with the best record not to win their Division, are the first games of the MLB playoffs.

The two games (both single-elimination) are on the Tuesday and Wednesday after the season ends (this season ends on Sunday, September 29).

The winners of the Wild Card games move on to the Divisional Round of the MLB playoffs. The Divisional Round is a best-of-five series, lasting roughly a week. After the Divisional round of the playoffs is the ALCS and NLCS. This round of the playoffs is a best-of-seven, with the winners advance in the 2019 World Series. The World Series is scheduled to begin on October 22, with a potential game seven taking place on October 30. If there are weather delays, the exact dates of the playoffs, and more specifically the World Series may change.

MLB Baseball Playoff Schedule 2019*

  • October 1 – First Wild Card Game
  • October 2 – Second Wild Card Game
  • October 3 & 4 – Start of the ALDS and NLDS
  • October 10 & 11 – Estimated start of the ALCS and NLCS
  • October 22 – Start of the 2019 World Series

*Dates subject to change due to weather and scheduling conflicts