2024 NHL Playoff Series Predictions

Welcome to Canada Sports Betting‘s NHL Playoffs Predictions page. Here, you’ll find daily series predictions and matchup probabilities for each round of the 2024 NHL playoffs. Each series prediction is broken down into how likely a team is to win in exactly four, five, six, or seven games. Read this article to learn more about predicting the winner of a best-of-7 playoff series.

Our playoff predictions are crafted through extensive simulations, taking into account team performance stats, injuries, and historical data. Check back daily for the latest updates throughout the NHL playoffs. Use our sports betting calculator to convert NHL playoff odds into playoff probabilities for easy comparison. Find series odds at NorthStar Bets.

Eastern Conference Round 2 Series Predictions

(M1) New York Rangers vs. (M2) Carolina Hurricanes

Team4 Games5 Games6 Games7 GamesWin Series
New York Rangers0%0%0%0%100%
Carolina Hurricanes0%0%0%0%0%
New York wins series 4-2.

(A1) Florida Panthers vs. (A2) Boston Bruins

Team4 Games5 Games6 Games7 GamesWin Series
Florida Panthers0%0%55.2%27.6%82.7%
Boston Bruins0%0%0%17.3%17.3%
Florida leads series 3-2.

Boston Bruins Series Winner


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Western Conference Round 2 Series Predictions

(C1) Dallas Stars vs. (C2) Colorado Avalanche

Team4 Games5 Games6 Games7 GamesWin Series
Dallas Stars0%0%50.9%28.4%79.3%
Colorado Avalanche0%0%0%20.7%20.7%
Dallas leads series 3-2.

(P1) Vancouver Canucks vs. (P2) Edmonton Oilers

Team4 Games5 Games6 Games7 GamesWin Series
Vancouver Canucks0%0%38.1%27.8%65.9%
Edmonton Oilers0%0%0%34.1%34.1%
Vancouver leads series 3-2.

Edmonton Oilers Series Winner


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