Online Sportsbooks Blacklist 2022

      As a trusted source of information regarding all things betting in Canada, we have always delivered the top-tier sportsbooks, casinos and racebooks to our community. However, amongst a sea of the great sportsbooks, there are a few bag eggs that are best avoided. We have compiled a list of online casinos that should be vetoed.

      There are a few tell-tail signs to look out for when keeping an eye out for low-quality bookmakers that are best avoided. The first thing is the quality of the site; does what you’re looking at resemble the work of a company backed by millions of dollars? While this is the first and most glaring issue, it’s certainly not an absolute measure. Shop around online and see what reviewers have said about the provider. Check the deposit and withdrawal methods for any questionable procedural times or limits.

      Furthermore, for new bettors or players looking to deposit with a new sportsbook, there are a few other things to look out for when identifying bad sportsbooks. Top of the range sportsbooks will almost always provide first-rate customer service, so it’s worth hopping on the live chat to see how long it takes to get a response.

      Finally, we’d advise paying attention to the bonuses and promotions on offer to see if there’s anything a little askew on the site.

      Blacklisted Bookies in Canada

      We must say it again, though we touched on it before, users must try to remain vigilant. Look for things that don’t look right and always be aware of what may be deceitful practices.

      Reliable Bookies in 2021

      Now that we’ve told you where not go deposit your funds, we will recommend some of the most reliable top-tier sportsbooks available to players in Canada. We’d strongly advise going with a recommended sportsbook and one that is well-established in the industry. As long as bettors stick to what is peer-reviewed, they will ensure they don’t end up losing money to frauds.

      Some of the best bookies can be found below:

      The full list of reliable sportsbooks is below:

        Reliable Online Casinos

        Many sportsbooks also offer an online casino section. We list three of the recommended casinos below. You will find many slots, poker, table games and other games in their platforms.

        Why were these bookmakers blacklisted?

        We briefly touched on the blacklisted sportsbooks above. But we will now go into a bit more detail as to why these sportsbook providers were labelled not worthy for Canada Sports Betting customers.


        PWR.Bet is failing to transfer the players' winnings. In many online forums and blogs, you can read the players' complaints. Communicating with PWR.Bet has been another problem. No cashouts, no replies to the players' inquiries.


        Superbook was caught out because it was using an enticing bonus and fancy website to lure in unsuspecting customers, only to find that the offers and promotions offered weren’t realized. The promises were all on paper, with these unmatched bonuses never being paid out. Another issue with Superbook is they were trying to avoid paying out to high balance accounts, which was ultimately one of the big reasons they were caught out.


        SBG’s inception began in 1998, but from day one the whole thing was clearly a swindle. The company was caught out in shady operations from the very beginning. A combination of customer complaints, coupled with independent investigations into the company’s malpractice soon uncovered the issues.