NorthStar Bets Weekly NHL Betting Insights (Jan. 30th)

Oilers take 16-game winning streak into NHL All-Star break

Edmonton’s win over the Predators on Saturday pushed its win streak to 16 straight games. A win over the Golden Knights on Feb. 6 in Vegas would tie the record. Defeating Vegas and the Ducks on April 9 would set a new record with 18 straight wins. The record currently belongs to the 1992-93 Pittsburgh Penguins, who from March 9, 1993, to April 10, 1993, won 17 games in a row. 

In this article, I’ll explain how hockey fans can handicap and bet on the exact length of the Oilers’ current win streak at NorthStar Bets.

Exact Length of Oilers’ Current Win StreakOdds
16 Games+115
17 Games+460
18+ Games+160
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Handicapping this betting market is relatively simple, making it a good exercise for novice sports bettors. Start by converting the odds into implied probability to find out the chances of winning each individual bet. You can use our free sports betting calculator next time, but this time, I’ll do the job for you.

Exact Length of Oilers’ Current Win StreakImplied
16 Games46.5%
17 Games17.9%
18+ Games38.5%

Next, let’s dissect each option to understand exactly what needs to happen for a bet to be graded as a winner.

Edmonton’s win streak ends at 16 games (+115)

This is a bet on Vegas to beat the Oilers straight up on Tuesday, February 6th because that’s what needs to happen for the Oilers’ current win streak to end at 16 games.

The first question a bettor should ask themselves before considering this option is: Is there value in betting on Vegas to beat Edmonton at +115 odds? If there is, the next thing to consider is whether or not Vegas’ moneyline odds will be better than +115 at game time, because why bet +115 now if longer odds will be available later?

According to CSB’s NHL game prediction model, Edmonton has a 55.6% chance of defeating the Golden Knights, which converts to -125 odds, so betting on Vegas to end the winning streak at 16 games isn’t a bet that I would recommend making. At least not at the current +115 odds, as the Golden Knights only have a 44.4% chance of winning this upcoming game against Edmonton.

Edmonton’s win streak ends at 17 games (+460)

This is essentially a two-leg parlay in which a bettor is betting that Edmonton will beat Vegas and extend its win streak to 17 games before losing to the Ducks in Anaheim two days later.

The Oilers closed as a -212 favourite at Anaheim on Dec. 31st, but they were playing their second game in as many days. This time around, they’ll be an even bigger favourite, and our model suggests Edmonton will beat the Ducks 74.4% of the time. That means Anaheim has just a 25.6% chance of beating Edmonton.

If we multiply Edmonton’s odds of beating Vegas (55.6%) by Anaheim’s win probability in the following game (25.6%) we get 14.2%, which makes +460 a bet worth considering because the true odds are closer to 6/1.

Edmonton extends win streak to 18-plus games (+160)

Once again, this is essentially a two-leg parlay, but this time, bettors will need the Oilers to get a win over Vegas and then break the record with a win over the Ducks two days later. This time, instead of multiplying Edmonton’s odds of beating Vegas by the Ducks’ odds of beating the Oilers, we’ll multiply the Oilers’ chances in the first game by their chances in the second game:

.556 x .744 = .414 x 100 = 41.4%


Based on my estimation, Edmonton has a 41.4% chance of defeating both of Vegas and Anaheim to set the record for the longest winning streak in NHL history. That makes 18+ Games at +160 the best option for bettors because the odds suggest there is only a 38.5% chance that the Oilers will win the next two games straight up. Not to mention, sportsbooks like DraftKings and FanDuel are offering this prop at +120 at +125, respectively, and that makes +160 odds even more attractive.

Of course, bettors who want to bet on this historical streak could consider rolling over moneyline bets on the Oilers. In other words, if a bettor thinks Edmonton will extend its streak to 18 games, they could bet on the Oilers to beat the Golden Knights, and then roll over the payout (initial stake and winnings) on Edmonton beating Anaheim.

This method is often more profitable, but I can’t say for sure because odds on these games aren’t currently offered. Still, a moneyline rollover always gets a strong consideration from me in these situations, but +160 is a good option, too.

Exact Length of Oilers’ Current Win Streak 16 Games


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