HNIC Coast To Coast: New-Look Canadian Teams Play First Games Post Trade Deadline

The buzzer has rung on the 2024 NHL Trade Deadline, and teams are now all but locked into the rosters they’ll be carrying into the post-season! It was a pretty active day, though a lot of the work here started in the days and even weeks leading up to today’s 3:00 p.m. ET cutoff. So, before we dive into the games at hand this weekend, let’s take a quick look at what all seven teams have done in the greater deadline stretch, which we’ll start at All-Star week.

Calgary Flames

Calgary TradesCalgary Receives
Noah HanifinDaniil Miromanov
2026 1st-round pick
2025 3rd-round pick (cond)
Chris TanevArtem Grushnikov
2024 2nd-round pick
2024 3rd-round pick (cond)
Elias LindholmAndrei Kuzmenko
Hunter Brzustewicz
Joni Jurmo
2024 1st-round pick
2024 4th-round pick (cond)
2025 5th round pickNikita Okhotiuk

Stanley Cup Odds change today: +12500 -> +10000

The Flames didn’t sell off everything, but they did sell off the immediate pieces, and did decent with all things considered. Some could argue that the Tanev and Hanifin deals are a little underwhelming in their returns, but they still add up to a bevy of draft picks, prospects, and interesting roster players to tinker with for the rest of this year and moving forward. Given that the outgoing trio were unrestricted free agents who didn’t seem likely to sign, and given the team’s position of “in the playoff mix, but not serious contenders,” they deserve credit for accepting the rebuild on the fly.

There is an argument to be made that more effort should’ve been made to get a Jacob Markstrom deal done, but without the context of what caused the hesitance and who they were being offered, its hard to completely dock them points there. Overall, high marks for direction, decent marks for execution.

Edmonton Oilers

Edmonton TradesEdmonton Receives
2024 1st-round pick
2025 4th-round pick (cond)
2024 5th-round pick (cond)
Adam Henrique
Sam Carrick
2024 7th-round Pick
Ty Taylor
2027 4th round pickTroy Stecher
2024 7th-round pick

Stanley Cup Odds change today: +550 -> +650

The Oilers know that they have their best opportunity in quite some time to chase the Stanley Cup this year, and made their moves earlier in the week to solidify themselves for the stretch run. Henrique gives them a veteran middle-six scorer who has been dying to get back onto a serious playoff team since his first run in 2012 with the Devils, and Carrick is a bottom-line presence who can kill penalties, play physical, and elevate competition on that end of the lineup. The first-round pick comes with some sticker shock, but when you’re at this stage of things, you pretty much have to spend and go for it.

Montreal Canadiens

Montreal TradesMontreal Receives
Jan MysakJacob Perreault
Sean Monahan2024 1st-round pick
2027 3rd-round pick (cond)
Jake Allen2024 2nd-round pick (cond)

Stanley Cup Odds change today: +50000 -> +100000

This was a pretty great deadline for Montreal if you include the early-window move of Monahan, who was traded near the All Star break. The Habs previously gained a first-round pick as a sweetener for taking on Monahan’s contract, and then got him healthy and performing before flipping him with retention for another first-rounder. As well, today’s move of trading Allen, a veteran netminder who hasn’t been fantastic in recent years, for a pick that will end up being either a third or a second is a further bolstering of their pool.

Ottawa Senators

Ottawa TradesOttawa Receives
Vladimir Tarasenko2025 3rd-round pick
2024 4th-round pick (cond)

Stanley Cup Odds change today: +75000 -> +100000

The Senators didn’t go through much of a fire sale this week, which makes sense given their hopes that the team can once again take a go at success with another year of growth. Their one move involved Vladimir Tarasenko, who they signed in the summer and sent to Florida in a trade that seems low in its return on the surface, but makes sense in the context of him having a no-movement clause and being able to effectively pick his destination. With that in mind, it’s better to get something than nothing here.

Toronto Maple Leafs

Toronto TradesToronto Receives
2024 3rd-round pick
2024 5th-round pick
Joel Edmundson
2025 3rd-round pick
2025 6th-round pick
Ilya Lybushkin
Kirill Slepets
2026 4th-round pickConnor Dewar
2026 6th-round pickCade Webber

Stanley Cup Odds change today: +1300 -> +1500

With fans hoping for a needle-moving move either up front or on the blue line, Toronto instead decided to beff up its depth, acquiring two immediate box-out defencemen in Lybushkin (via Anaheim) and Edmundson (via Washington), a future one in Webber from Carolina, and a fourth-line centre candidate in Dewar from Minnesota. The team’s focus appears to be on improving their defence and penalty kill on the fringes, and hoping that one of the two defencemen finds some chemistry with Morgan Rielly. So far, Lyubushkin has been better than he was last time around in that role, and if that continues it’ll make the spend a bit better. All the same, it still doesn’t seem like this is enough to put the team over the top, and if that’s the case, it’s a lot of quantity to give up, even if none of the picks are premium ones.

Toronto also lost William Lagesson in the fallout from all this, and his waiver claim by Anaheim effectively makes him a bonus asset in the Lybushkin trade.

Vancouver Canucks

Vancouver TradesVancouver Receives
Andrei Kuzmenko
Hunter Brzustewicz
Joni Jurmo
2024 1st-round pick
2024 4th-round pick (cond)
Elias Lindholm

Stanley Cup Odds change today: +850 -> +850

Friday was a bit of a disappointment for the Canucks, who many thought would lean into chaos. They were one of the teams that sprung early to acquire Lindholm before the All Star break, and there were even rumours going around that they would be open to flipping him if they could make a big move.

In the end, nothing happened. So little happened, in fact, that they couldn’t open up enough room to sign Phil Kessel, who has been working out with them for the past few weeks, before the cutoff. It’s still possible that he could sign with them later to get some games in down the stretch, but he wouldn’t be eligible for the playoffs at that point.

Winnipeg Jets

Winnipeg TradesWinnipeg Receives
2025 2nd-round pick
2024 3rd-round pick
Tyler Toffoli
2024 1st-round pick
2027 3rd-round pick (cond)
Sean Monahan
2024 4th-round pickColin Miller

Stanley Cup Odds change today: +1100 -> +1000

The Jets were one of the first teams to splash when they acquired Monahan from Montreal in late January, and after some silence, were one of the last ones out the door, sneaking in on Toffoli and Miller on the last day when the price tags started to drop. I like this deadline for them overall, particularly Friday’s moves. Toffoli is a potent finisher and while Miller never had that pop to a top-end talent people hoped he’d see, he’s been useful depth for teams throughout the years and been a part of some decent runs.

The total spend, amounting to about a top half of a draft class, is not insignificant, but for a team that sees themselves in a contending window, using that to get three good roster players feels sensible.

Canadian NHL Games On Saturday

Now that the transactions are behind us, there’s still hockey to play this weekend. All seven Canadian teams take the ice on Saturday night, including a couple of head-to-head matchups.

Headlining the night we have the classic Maple Leafs-Canadiens rivalry and a high-powered Western Conference matchup between the Jets and Canucks.

The first game will be an interesting full-circle moment for those who remember Toronto and Montreal’s 2021 playoff series, as Joel Edmundson will likely be wearing blue and white for the first time. Both teams are looking to shake off losses to Boston and Carolina, respectively. In the second matchup, the Canucks are back on positive footing after sweeping a three-game road trip in Anaheim, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. Winnipeg’s vibes will likely depend on whether they can win a grudge match over Seattle Friday, but in the big picture, they’re hot with nine wins in their last 12 games.

Also on the schedule, we have the Oilers kicking off a back-to-back against the Sabres, the Flames are looking to stay hot against former Calgary forward Matthew Tkachuk and the Florida Panthers, and a bottom-of-the-standings matchup between Ottawa and San Jose could still spark some excitement.

Away TeamHome TeamTime (ET)
Edmonton Oilers-190+160Buffalo Sabres12:30 PM
Calgary Flames+180-220Florida Panthers4:00 PM
Toronto Maple Leafs-205+170Montreal Canadiens7:00 PM
Ottawa Senators-205+170San Jose Sharks7:00 PM
Winnipeg Jets+120-140Vancouver Canucks10:00 PM
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Sunday Canadian NHL Action

The Alberta teams will be back in action on Sunday, with both travelling for the second half of back-to-backs. Each will face off against opposite sides of one of the deadline’s biggest trades. Edmonton gets Pittsburgh, who moved out Jake Guentzel late on Thursday night, and Calgary gets Carolina, who were the team who won the Guentzel sweepstakes. Calgary’s matchup is the tougher of the two, but the interest will likely remain highest in the first game, as it’s hard to say no to a McDavid vs. Crosby matchup.

Away TeamHome TeamTime (ET)
Edmonton OilersTBDTBDPittsburgh Penguins1:00 PM
Calgary FlamesTBDTBDCarolina Hurricanes5:00 PM
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