Super Bowl LVIII Taylor Swift Props Odds, Picks

Welcome one and all to perhaps the most important football betting article I’ll write all season long.

Whether you’re an NFL fan, a Taylor Swift fan, or a little bit of both, the undeniable magnitude of Swift’s NFL takeover has been impossible to ignore this year. If you love the spectacle of it all, then you’re already plenty happy with how things have developed, and if you loathe it, then you might as well make the best of a bad situation and bet on it!

Novelty props exist in all corners or sports betting but are rarely as exciting or as prominent than those that deal with the Super Bowl. The added dimension of Taylor Swift’s influence on not only the narrative but on the Big Game’s television broadcast itself, create ample opportunities for us to make some fun bets to enjoy while we watch. So without further ado, let’s swiftly get to the best props to bet on in the Taylor Bowl!

Swiftie Props to Play at Super Bowl 58

Will The MVP Mention Taylor Swift?

The most prevalent prop to be found concerning Swift is the MVP mention. Boyfriend Travis Kelce has fairly good chances to land the Most Valuable Player trophy but the likeliest outcome, especially in a Chiefs win, is Patrick Mahomes claiming the award. Mahomes’ wife Brittany has watched games with Taylor multiple times this year and they’ve likely formed a bond that’s extended to Patrick. As I outlined in my MVP odds breakdown I think that Mahomes will claim the MVP and I think there’s a pretty good chance he at least mentions Swift in passing. If you agree, the best odds can be found at BetMGM (+750), however I would opt to go with Fanduel (+520) as they allow any of “Taylor”, “Swift” or “Taylor Swift” to count.

Will the MVP mention Taylor Swift – YES


Will Taylor Wear a Custom Kristin Juszczyk Design?

Wife of 49ers fullback Kyle Juszczyk, Kristin, made waves recently with her NFL clothing line after making a jacket worn by Taylor Swift to the Chiefs wild-card victory over the Miami Dolphins. Juszczyk’s clothing line signed an official NFL licensing deal shortly after and her designs have taken off from there. Now it’s one thing to design something for someone to wear to a game that doesn’t involve the 49ers, it’s another entirely to make something for Taylor to wear while cheering against your husband and his team. For that reason I don’t think Swift will opt for a Juszczyk this Sunday, but if you do, this line can be found at Bet99.

Will Taylor wear a custom Kristin Juszczyk design @ Super Bowl 58 – YES


How Many Times Will Taylor be Shown on Camera During The Game?

The operative word here is “during”. If the Chiefs claim Super Bowl 58 then presumably Swift will go down to the field to join Travis Kelce and the winners and be on camera a whole heck of a lot. What we’re looking for in this particular prop are the cutaways to Swift in the act of watching the game unfold. Some disgruntled folks think this practice is done too much, but in reality, Swift cutaways typically take up about 15-20 total seconds of screen time. In KC’s three playoff games, Swift has been shown five times twice, and three times once. The over/under at PowerPlay is set at 5.5, so I think it’s prudent to back the under here.

How many times will Taylor be shown on camera during the game – UNDER 5.5


Chiefs to Win & Travis Kelce to Propose to Taylor Swift on The Field

Perhaps the most talked about longshot prop being bandied about in the football world right now is if Travis Kelce is ready to pop the question, and whether or not that question will be asked on the field after the Chiefs claim Super Bowl 58. This one is a Hail Mary that will intrigue us the whole game long. I honestly don’t know which way to lean, but a small stake might be fun.

Chiefs to win & Travis Kelce to propose to Taylor Swift on the field – YES


Halftime Show Props to Play

The halftime show has been the perennial stomping ground for the Super Bowl novelty prop. This year’s Super Bowl halftime performer, Usher, doesn’t have much of a history of collaboration with Taylor Swift, but will he and the NFL miss out on the chance to include one of the biggest pop stars in the world while she’s in the building? We turn to the props to find out!

Will Taylor Swift Appear as a Guest Performer During The Halftime Show?

The main question in this Swift-halftime prop bonanza is whether Taylor will perform as a surprise guest during Usher’s performance. As I mentioned above there’s not a great history of collaboration here but the chance of it happening is certainly real. The best odds can be found at Betway.

Guest performer to appear and perform on stage during the halftime show – Taylor Swift


Will Usher Perform a Taylor Swift Song?

It goes without saying that if Taylor Swift does in fact appear as a surprise guest that the likelihood that Usher honours her by performing one of her songs goes through the roof. Which song it ends up being doesn’t really concern us in this instance, only the yes or no question of whether it occurs. If you think that Taylor Swift will indeed show up on stage, this is almost certainly an automatic bet to combo with it.

Will Usher perform a Taylor Swift song – YES


First Song of The Halftime Show

Our last novelty prop doesn’t even concern Taylor Swift at all! Well, it almost certainly doesn’t, as the likelihood of the very first song being a Swift duet is incredibly low. That being said, this is a fun prop bet to make with friends while watching the game and everyone can have some skin in the game when the show starts. Here’s a table of the five likely first songs and the books you can find them at.

First song of the halftime showBetway
Caught Up500-305N/A
My Way+200+180+200
Love in this Club+600+900+550