Bet365 Is The New PGA Tour Sponsor

Just when you thought the team over at Bet365 couldn’t make a bigger splash in the sports betting world. They’ve been able to top themselves in an impressive fashion. That’s because it has been revealed that Bet365 is the new PGA Tour sponsor. Can you believe it? Golf fans across the world raised plenty of eyebrows when this was announced, as Bet365 has become the first non-US betting partner for the tour.


This is also a major honour for Bet365, one of the biggest sportsbooks, as the PGA Tour features some of the best golfers in the world. While much has been said about plenty of stars leaving for the other tour being set up overseas, the PGA is loaded with elite talent and people have been going to Bet365 for years to place bets on several different events. Now, things are only going to get even better for them moving forward.

“We are excited to work with bet365 to expand the Tour’s sports betting initiatives outside of North America,” Vice President of Gaming at the PGA Tour Scott Warfield said via SBC Americas. “bet365 was the first operator to integrate the Tour’s official in-play betting product and they are poised for tremendous growth being on the forefront of in-play sports betting in golf. The Tour continues to look for opportunities to innovate in new areas with a goal of engaging with fans.”

As you can see with that quote from Warfield, the PGA Tour couldn’t be more excited about how things go here. Obviously, their presence will help things gain even more popularity with the different markets across the globe. This will help things out in a major way over in Europe as well, which is why this deal makes sense for the two parties. Things are only going to get better from here moving forward.

The PGA Tour has a ton of fans in Scotland

While it may not be the biggest sport in the region, don’t forget that the PGA Tour has a ton of fans in Scotland. Why, you ask? That’s because The British Open is played at the infamous St. Andrews course. Each season, millions of people direct their attention to The British Open, as it’s surely one of the more prestigious events for all of the golfers out there. What makes things special too is that it brings in an international audience.

With the PGA Tour clearly looking to grow its presence overseas, Bet365 will be able to help things out in that department, with things of course getting much better for everyone at The British Open. With the two big-time companies teaming up together, it will only add in people checking out the best odds for the Open, and then in turn making wagers. Talk about a win-win for the two here.

“The bet365 group are delighted to be working with one of the most iconic brands in global sport,” a Bet365 spokesperson told SBC Americas after the partnership was made official and announced. “Throughout this partnership with PGA Tour, bet365 will strive to continue delivering a market-leading in-play experience to our golf customers, both across our global sites and the PGA Tour platforms.”

With this, Bet365 and the PGA Tour will surely get out some strong advertisements for several different kinds of markets out there. This is something that should already be in the works, as the quicker these ads can get launched, the better. Only time will tell how quickly things get done here, but the fact that this partnership has been complete and people continue to talk about it on social media sure is massive.

Bet365 continues its dominance in the sports betting world

One of the main takeaways from all of this is that Bet365 continues its dominance in the sports betting world and this is something that simply can’t be ignored. When it comes to providing the up to the minute odds for all different kinds of sports, it’s tough for people to compete with Bet365. This is surely a big reason why so many people use their service and why the PGA Tour jumped at the chance to work with them.

With the football season around the corner too, people can’t wait to check out the NFL odds. Things are only going to grow for the Super Bowl as well. With that, people always head to Bet365 for the latest updates on every sport you can think of, including golf. With all the Majors on the schedule, people are ready to head to Bet365 at the drop of a hat to see who is the favourite to come out on top of it all.

This is going to once again be the case throughout 2022 and 2023. Matter of fact, you can expect this to become a new trend moving forward as well. All in all, this partnership between the PGA Tour and Bet365 is an exciting one and it could spark another pro deal for the sportsbook down the road too.