Brazilian Soccer Teams Want Benefits From Sports Betting

While much of the discussion around the sports betting world goes to the sports in the USA and Canada, plus Europe, don’t forget that things are blossoming quite a bit in South America as well. With this, Brazil appears on the verge of making it legal, which has turned the heads of the different teams. That’s why it makes a ton of sense that the Brazilian soccer teams want benefits from sports betting. Matter of fact, the clubs and national team are eyeing things as soon as possible.

Per a report, the club teams across the country met recently and discussed the opportunity of them getting a share of the sports betting revenue in the future. This would seem fair, as soccer in Brazil is the king of sports. While plenty of sports fans have their eyes on basketball and more, Brazil is a soccer country first and foremost. Some of the best players in the world are from Brazil, with generations of success.

Brazil’s National Team has won the World Cup multiple times, while the club teams have also impressed at that level as well. With so much attention going to these teams and players, it’s easy to understand why the teams’ front offices want to get their share of the pie as well. It would only seem fair for this to happen down the road. First, sports betting must be made legal for any of this to matter, but progress has been made.

Once things do get over the line and the president, hopefully, signs off on things, then there will be further discussions on how the different soccer powerhouses can benefit from the new law. With those clubs pushing for a change, we could see things arrive sooner than later too.

Sports betting in Brazil for the World Cup would be massive

It goes without saying, but sports betting in Brazil for the World Cup would be massive, as the Brazilian side is considered among the favorites in terms of World Cup betting odds. For people up north, they’re surely excited for Team Canada to head to the World Cup for the first time since 1986. People all over the world are checking the different sportsbooks to see how their team compares to the rest of the globe.

With that said, Brazil really thinks this could be their year to win it all again. The team is 100 percent led by Neymar Jr., who is considered one of the top players in the world. He’s not the only standout player on the pitch for the team, though, as Richarlison, Becker, Antony, Fred, Casemiro and others are top, elite players too. Because of this, people think that Brazil can end Europe’s dominance as World Cup champs.

Argentina was able to make the World Cup Final a few years back, but they fell to Germany. Since then, Europe has dominated things, but Brazil is hoping to change that. It’s not going to be easy, but the Brazil National Team has the tools to get things done here. With all of that said, millions of eyes are going to be on Brazil this fall once the World Cup gets underway over in Qatar.

Because of this, you can expect a ton of bets to be made on Brazil both before and during the tournament. With this expected to be the case, that’s a big reason why Brazil wants to get in on the sports betting action. With them being such a big piece of the future of Brazil sports betting, they deserve to be compensated for it too. Only time will tell if this goes down, but it’s sure to provide a lot of conversations leading up to the first game.

When could Brazil sports betting be legal?

Now, everyone is wondering when could Brazil sports betting be legal? Things looked like they were progressing and on the up and up, but Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro stepped in and really has scared a lot of people. Per a report, the president is completely against sports betting and he isn’t expected to change his mind. However, he has plenty of people in his ear trying to get him to change things.

The big thing here is that sports betting revenue would be massive for the country. As we mentioned, the interest for the country’s club teams and the national squad is through the moon. That’s not going to change. The fact of the matter here too is that people are betting illegally, which isn’t right. Things should be regulated and that’s what people are waiting for. However, the president remains hesitant.

The hope is that he will move forward with things at some point this summer, or at the very latest, before the World Cup starts. It’s up in the air if that happens, though, which has people a bit nervous. This is a situation that people are going to be monitoring for quite some time.