Mise-O-Jeu Sports Betting

Since Loto-Quebec launched its online version of its popular Mise-O-Jeu sports wagering lottery critics have seen it as one of the best provincial online sports betting sites. Offering action on major sports including NHL, MLB, soccer, tennis, fighting and – unlike BC’s PlayNow.com and Ontario’s Proline – NBA.

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How to bet Online with Mise-O-Jeu?

Many more bettors though, still prefer the better value offered by popular online betting alternatives.

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  • Alternatives to Mise-O-Jeu online betting in Quebec

    If you’re like most bettors in Quebec and are ready for the convenience and huge variety of betting options offered by some of the most reputable online sports betting sites, look no further than these options below.

      Comparing Mise-O-Jeu Sports Betting to Online Sportsbooks

      While Lotto-Quebec’s Mise-O-Jeu website looks similar to some online sportsbooks, the number of differences far outweighs the similarities. While Mise-O-Jeu is an impressive endeavor by Loto-Quebec, make no mistake about it, their goal is to make money and sports gaming is just one branch of the multi-billion dollar Loto-Quebec fund-generating tree.

      As such, the odds are stacked against the player. When it comes to their parlays, only a certain combination of predictions can be combined. For example, certain player props for a game cannot be combined with result props for that same game. Online sportsbooks profit by taking a percentage (“vig” or “juice”) off the top of all-action accumulated for a bet. They aim to spread the action evenly across both sides, with this juice being how they make a living. With Mise-O-Jeu, Loto-Quebec makes its money by forcing customers to make impossible parlays. By combining events, the difficulty goes way up and without elevated pay-out lines, they usually come out on top.

      With no true competition, Mise-O-Jeu does not need to worry about many of the things that come standard at online sportsbooks. Mise-O-Jeu offers customer service during standard business hours (well standard for government employees – 9-4), while it’s rare to find an online book that doesn’t have 24/7 customer service via email, toll-free phone and maybe even a live chat.

      One of the biggest differences between online sportsbooks is the competition that arises over bigger and better sigh-up and reload deposit bonuses, with some books even going as high as a 100% sign-up bonus. Mise-O-Jeu does not offer any bonuses, so what you deposit is what you play with.

      How bad are the betting odds at Mise-O-Jeu?

      We wanted to like Mise-O-Jeu, we promise. But despite a lack of promotions and bonuses, minimal customer service and a lack of betting options, where Loto-Quebec’s sports lottery service truly fails is in its betting odds. The standard juice for Mise-O-Jeu is much higher than that of the online sportsbook competition, usually -143 (Mise-O-Jeu) to -110 (online standard).

      Let’s take an example from a recent night of NBA basketball. Choosing a three-event “prediction” with Mise-O-Jeu (odds in Decimal): 1.70, 1.70 and 1.70 by risking $10 you would get a payout of $49.15 with a win (we’re ignoring the effect of applicable taxes for this example).

      Compare that to a leading online sportsbook where the same choices give you odds of (American) -110, -110 and -110. By risking $10 you could earn a potential payout of $69.58. That’s more than $20 more – plus there’s no tax!

      Don’t be fooled by Mise-O-Jeu’s sleek new design or user-friendly interface. Leading online sportsbooks offer more betting options, better service, free bonuses and better odds.

      Mise-O-Jeu betting FAQ

      • How to Play Mise-O-Jeu?

        Mise O Jeu includes betting offers where you can choose a single game to predict with at least three outcomes, and your ticket can have a maximum of eight outcomes that you wager on. Predictions include picking the winner of a game, and the number of points that a team will win by.

      • How to Bet Mise-O-Jeu?

        Signing up for an account with Mise O Jeu will allow you to play the game and purchase your ticket online. The app allows you to confirm your wager, odds and the predictions that you’re making. You can also print out your ticket and bring it to the retailer. If you’re old school, you can go to a local convenience store and fill out a ballot.

      • What Is Mise-O-Jeu Plus?

        Miso-O-Jeu Plus is simply the online version of this Quebecois sports lottery game. Just like the pen and paper version of the game, you select your predictions, decide how much you’re betting, and confirm your bet. Miso O Jeu Plus features bets exclusive to this service.

      • Where Do I Play this?

        You can play Mise O Jeu online by signing up for an Espacejeux account, which gives you access to an online lottery ticket. You can also print a bar code that has all of your selections picked through your computer online before giving it to a retailer. Retailers with Loto Quebec terminals are the other location to play Mise O Jeu.

      • How to Withdraw money?

        Prizes of $600 or less can be claimed at a Loto Quebec retailer, who must have the cash available to pay the ticket out. Winning tickets between $600 and $25,000 can be collected at a Loto Quebec claim center. Tickets worth more than a $25,000 payout require that you call a claim center before bringing your ticket in.

      • How do I win?

        In parlays, you have to correctly predict every part of your Mise-O-Jeu ticket in order to win a payout.  The predictions include a variety of topics, including individual stats, straight up wins for teams and players, spread predictions, and the total number of goals or points scored in a game.

      • Who Can Play it?

        Anyone who is 18 and older can play Mise-O-Jeu, matching the age of majority for Quebec. For those who want to play Mise O Jeu over the internet, only Quebec residents are allowed to play the game using the Apple or Android app.

      • How Does Mise-O-Jeu Work?

        Pro-Line and Sport Select are similar to how Mise O Jeu works. Brick-and-mortar retailers and online Mise O Jeu Plus are the only places to play.

      • When is the Cutoff Time?

        The cutoff for each game is listed beside the game offered. Typically, if a game starts at 7:30 PM EST, that’s when the cutoff will be activated.