OLG Proline Sports Betting

In Canada’s largest province, accounting for over one-third of the Canadian population, Ontario residents have access to the OLG Pro Line sports betting platform. Provincial government-controlled, with a fairly heavy hand, this wagering system has several quirks within the Pro-Line, Props, Point-Spread and Pools options. There are better alternatives, but let’s review this antiquated form of sports and entertainment gambling.

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How to bet online with OLG Proline?

Ontario Lottery and Gaming

Surprisingly, given the high-tech nature of The Heartland Province, Ontario bettors don't have access to a “local” online sports wagering source. That’s because the OLG Pro-Line system is only available at land-based lottery kiosks that are scattered throughout the province. Fortunately, Ontario residents can turn to follow online sportsbooks for a higher quality betting experience.

    Calling a spade a spade is always our mantra and a source of pride for the Crew at Canada Sports Betting. Bookmakers who deliver quality goods receive recommendations and those that don’t get called out or left off our system completely. Fully focused on the Great White North, we feel it is only fair to advise Ontario handicappers of the trials and tribulations that they can expect with the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation controlled Pro-Line wagering platform. Anytime, 365 days per year, the sportsbooks listed above offer quality online sports betting that is Yours to Discover.

    OLG Proline Review

    Caveman style, in its current format, the OLG Pro-Line betting system uses an antiquated pencil and paper ticket selection process. Although the game lists are available online, and ticket selections can be previewed at the OLG website, a trip to a lottery retail location is required to place all wagers. Realizing it’s a system still being used by Las Vegas sportsbooks - your local gas station doesn’t have the same aura found at the premium betting shops in Sin City. Here is a look at various options the Pro-Line platform offers but we'd like to warn Ontario bettors of the following pitfalls.

    • Game Choices Include Up To Five Different Odds Categories
    • Pro-Line Tickets Must Be Purchased At Land-Based Lottery Retailers

    OLG Proline Odds

    Pertaining to sports lottery schemes in Canada “something is better than nothing” is a refrain we hear often. While that is true, to a very minimal degree, if given a choice between the OLG Pro-Line system and nothing – we would go without sports wagering. Though it’s arguable which system is worse, OLG or WCLC, we give the OLG Pro-Line odds a slight lead in that dubious race as their lines offer a set of five odds on each game. Ontario is the only province with this unfair restriction, which preys on desperate gamblers.

    For NFL bets, as an example, bettors must also choose whether the Home or Visitor will win by at least eight points, or the Home or Visitor to win by four or more points or a TIE which means the game must be decided by three points or less. In what world can this be construed as being even remotely fair? Week 12 of the 2016 NFL season provided a classic example of how the five-odds system benefits the house. Bettors who correctly predicted the Giants, Patriots and Raiders would win, actually lost as the Carolina vs Oakland final score was 35-32 and that three-point spread requires bettors to select a TIE on their Pro-Line bets.


    OLG sports betting FAQ

    • What is Ontario Lottery Gaming?

      The Ontario Lottery Gaming Corporation, or the “OLG” for branding purposes, is a Crown corporation responsible for managing Ontario’s official gambling activities, which included but are not limited to lotteries, charity and Aboriginal casinos, commercial casinos, and slot machines. 

    • Who owns the Ontario Lottery Gaming Corporation?

      The OLG is owned by the Government of Ontario. It reports to the province through the Ministry of Public Infrastructure (PIR) and is led by a Board of Directors as appointed by the province.

    • What are its goals?

      The OLG isn’t just here to regulate gambling in the province but to make life more fun for Ontarians.

      The revenue the corporation creates also goes back to help improve the quality of life in the province. OLG’s vision is to be the role model for gaming entertainment worldwide.

    • Where is its headquarters?

      The OLG has two headquarters. Their primary headquarters is in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. And their prize centre is in Toronto, Ontario.

    • Is it available only in Ontario?

      Yes, the OLG is solely responsible for Ontario. Other Canadian provinces have their own corporation responsible for their gambling activities such as the Loto-Quebec in Quebec and the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) in British Columbia.

    • How much money does OLG make and where does it go?

      In the financial report for the 2018-19 year, the OLG generated over $5 billion in revenue. The OLG’s revenues are directed to provincial hospitals, sport, recreational and cultural activities, and charitable organizations. This was established as part of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation Act in 1999. 

    • Is it legal to bet with OLG? 

      Betting with the OLG is 100% legal provided you follow the requirements. You can bet with the OLG in a variety of ways either by visiting any of their casinos, playing their lotteries by purchasing them at the casino or registered dealers, or by betting online at their official websites.

    • How old must a person be to visit a gaming site?

      The OLG is strict when it comes to gambling. You have to be at least 19 years of age to visit a gaming site, the same age for purchasing alcohol. To purchase lottery tickets, you have to be at least 18 years of age. The OLG will not pay prizes to anyone under these ages.

    • What are the requirements to visit a gaming site?

      You will need to provide a valid form of government photo identification. These include:

      • Driver’s Licence
      • Passport
      • Citizenship ID
      • Ontario Photo Card
      • US State ID
      • Canadian Permanent Resident Card
      • Resident Alien ID
      • Certificate of Indian Status Card
      • Military ID
      • Firearms Acquisition Card
    • What is OLG doing about problem gambling?

      The OLG recognizes the social responsibility it has when it comes to regulating gambling. They strive to promote a healthy relationship between players and gambling. They educate and support players with the PlaySmart program, Ontario’s most comprehensive gambling education resource. 

      The OLG also contributes close to $40 million each year on the prevention, treatment, and research of problem gambling in the province.