Saskatchewan Roughriders' Odds

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      Looking for the best Canadian Football League experience, then Regina is the place to be. The Roughriders are Canada’s most popular team despite their home city of Regina being by far the smallest city with their own CFL team. Join the legions of Roughriders fans spread across the country with the best Saskatchewan Roughriders odds right here. On the rolling plains of Saskatchewan, a Canadian Football League franchise thrives.

      Saskatchewan Roughriders Team Info

      Team Name Saskatchewan Roughriders
      League Canadian Football League
      Division West
      Founded 1910

      Saskatchewan Roughriders (1910-present)

      Arena Mosaic Stadium
      Grey Cup Titles 4 (1966, 1989, 2007, 2013)
      Team Colours Green, White

      Saskatchewan Roughriders' Standings

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      Bet On Saskatchewan Roughriders' Games

      The fans still are filing into Taylor Field and tuning in on their TVs. The fans, known as Rider Nation or the Thirteenth Man make the Roughriders a big deal across Canada, even if they play in the smallest market of any CFL team. The fans help make betting on the Roughriders a challenge, as they all have their own – strong- opinions on the team.

      Bettors should consider injuries and schedule when making a wager on the Riders. The Riders have a great home-field advantage – may be the best in the CFL – but after the 2016 season, they moved to a new stadium. The Riders played at Taylor Field since 1936 or 80 years once it is all said and done. We enjoyed a long goodbye from the Rider faithful and bettors should make sure to get in some wagers on the Riders now that they are at home. It has been interesting to see how the Riders can carry their home field advantage forward when to move into their new stadium.

      As the Roughriders are such a popular team, they have some great rivalries as their fans can be found spread across Canada. Their Labour Day rival is the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The rivalry has had its ups and downs over the years, but with Winnipeg returning to the Western Division in 2014, their games are on the up and up. The Roughriders view many opponents as a rival due to their inability to win the big game. At 4-15 the Roughriders have the worst winning percentage of any team – excluding the Ottawa Redblacks – in the Grey Cup. The Riders lost two Grey Cups – in 2009 and 2010 – to the Montreal Alouettes by a combined four points. The Riders still hold a grudge over this and the games are exciting when held in Regina.However they did win in 2013.