Canadian Sports Lotteries

Like many sports fans across the world, bettors in Canada have long enjoyed government-regulated sports lotteries. These vary from province to province but they generally all resemble one another when you examine the rates of return, betting options, and wager permission structures. But with the surging popularity of sports betting online, Canadian sports lotteries are coming under intense fire for what is seen as drastically unfair betting odds compared to online.

Offshore Alternatives to Canadian Sports Lotteries

The following sports betting sites are our top recommended alternatives to provincially/federally regulated options. Rest assured these betting sites are reputable and fully licensed to service Canadians.

List of Canada’s Provincial Sports Betting Lotteries

The Federal government of Canada has given provincial mandates for lotteries and sports betting services, so although there are a lot of common features across the country, each of the five “provincial” (BC, Western Canada, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada) corporations operates separately.

Sports Betting Options in Canada by Province & Territory

Related Sports Betting Services

PLEASE NOTE: It should be pointed out that Canada’s provincial sports betting lotteries are far from offering the greatest deal to sports bettors across the country. Provincial lottery and gaming options invariably offer action on only a few major sports or leagues and in some cases, you’ll still need to print out your bet slip after filling it out online to cash it at a retail location. Despite these limitations, the biggest drawback of Canada’s provincial sports betting lotteries is the actual odds offered, especially as compared to offshore online sportsbooks. See below for full details…

Offshore Sports Betting vs. Canadian Sports Lotteries

There are many key differences between the provincial sports lotteries and the offshore online sportsbook industry, but to understand them you simply need to look at what drives them. In the offshore online sportsbook industry there is a lot of competition so in order to succeed sportsbooks need to appeal to the user. This means that sportsbooks which offer bad lines or not that many leagues and sports go the way of the Do-Do. In order to get savvy bettors, offshore sportsbooks give bonuses, live betting services, appealing lines and more.

Provincial sports lotteries are run by the government and basically face no competition. As anyone who’s taken an introduction to Economics class can tell you, competition is good for the customer. With a lack of impetus for change, most provincial sports lotteries can get by being the “only horse in town”. They offer worse lines, little to no incentives (promotions) and a user experience that pales to the offshore alternative.

Besides the inconveniences of printing out bet slips, terrible lines and a lack of attention to customer service and user experience, provincial sports lotteries apply taxes to all winnings. Given the choice for smart sports bettors, it’s really no contest at all – offshore sports betting gives you more options, better lines and most importantly, a bigger payday.