Fantasy Hockey Betting

Played on so many levels, wagering on ice hockey rules the roost in the Great White North. Thanks to the NHL, minor pro organizations like the American Hockey League, Junior A Leagues in the USA and Canada, plus a variety of international puck action, hockey is played in (and wagered on) in almost every country on the planet. Add in the spice of fantasy hockey betting and the pot is now even sweeter.

Fantasy Hockey Sign In

Season long fantasy puck action is very popular in Canada but the action really kicks up a notch or two when fantasy hockey fans sign in to play the daily games. Puck fans can now own a different team of All-Stars everyday thanks to top rated online fantasy sports suppliers.

National Hockey League Fantasy Sports

National Hockey League Fantasy Sports

Fast paced fire on ice action is treated like royalty in Canada and it only makes sense that National Hockey League fantasy sports rule as the King. Whether it’s the hard-hitting style of the Eastern Conference, or the normally high scoring action commonly found in the Western Conference, the NHL reigns supreme in North America from early October through to the Stanley Cup Finals in the middle of June. Add in the fantastic option of fantasy action and the NHL is a complete sports entertainment package.

Fantasy Hockey Draft Strategy

As the temperatures begin to drop in North America, NHL season long fantasy draft action starts to heat up. In pubs and bars across the continent, plus online in homes and offices everywhere, NHL fans carefully select their very own hockey team with hopes of winning a Championship title. While many experts claim defense wins real life hockey championships – fantasy drafts are more predicated around owning the highest scoring offensive players. Adding scoring punch early in your full season draft, with superstars like Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane, Minnesota Wild speedy winger Jamie Benn or Captain Canada Sydney Crosby, is our top recommended Fantasy Hockey draft strategy. Seeking out power play specialists is a solid second step on Draft Day.

Though not easy to predict, injuries can ruin a carefully planned full season NHL draft. With new protocols in place, especially when it comes concussions, players can be pulled from a game at anytime. Once diagnosed, concussed players are often ruled out of numerous contests after that in the hard-hitting National Hockey League. Though improvements are still being worked on – the reporting of concussions in the NHL is getting better. Our best advice, as it pertains to injuries, is to just avoid players who have a consistent history of missing time due to concussion or other medical issues. While super-humans, like Sydney Crosby, can be considered as an exception to the rule – buying damaged goods is never a good idea when investing in fantasy hockey drafts.

It’s a new fantasy sports era as popular daily contests are easy to access at numerous sites on the internet. Heading into the 2016-17 hockey season, DraftKings and FanDuel are still the undisputed top daily fantasy hockey portals. Fans of puck action can draft new squads everyday and there is a price point that fits every budget. With costs that range from FREE to hundreds of dollars, bettors can play daily hockey fantasy drafts from early in morning until the puck drop of the late games on the west coast. Stacking your squad with as much firepower as possible is a major key to daily fantasy hockey success. Goaltenders are also a big part of a winning strategy as players need to search out puck-stoppers who are up against lower scoring, offensively challenged, teams.

Hockey Online Betting

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Away Score Home Money Line
Monday 09 October
FT Colorado Avalanche 4 - 0 Boston Bruins +170 -200 Odds
PEN St. Louis Blues 2 - 2 New York Islanders +110 -118 Odds
FT New Jersey Devils 6 - 2 Buffalo Sabres +125 -147 Odds
AOT Chicago Blackhawks 3 - 4 Toronto Maple Leafs +140 -161 Odds
AOT Washington Capitals 3 - 4 Tampa Bay Lightning +105 -125 Odds
FT Winnipeg Jets 5 - 2 Edmonton Oilers +145 -167 Odds
FT Calgary Flames 2 - 0 Anaheim Ducks +105 -125 Odds
Tuesday 10 October
FT St. Louis Blues 3 - 1 New York Rangers +130 -152 Odds
AOT Jackets 2 - 1 Carolina Hurricanes +105 -125 Odds
FT Chicago Blackhawks 3 - 1 Montreal Canadiens +115 -135 Odds
FT Philadelphia Flyers 5 - 6 Nashville Predators +110 -132 Odds
FT Detroit Red Wings 2 - 4 Dallas Stars +150 -172 Odds
PEN Ottawa Senators 3 - 2 Vancouver Canucks -111 -111 Odds
Wednesday 11 October
FT New Jersey Devils 6 - 3 Toronto Maple Leafs +170 -200 Odds
FT Pittsburgh Penguins 3 - 2 Washington Capitals +110 -132 Odds
FT Boston Bruins 3 - 6 Colorado Avalanche -116 -105 Odds
FT New York Islanders 2 - 3 Anaheim Ducks +105 -125 Odds
AOT Calgary Flames 4 - 3 Los Angeles Kings +125 -147 Odds
Thursday 12 October
FT Pittsburgh Penguins 4 - 5 Tampa Bay Lightning +130 -152 Odds
FT St. Louis Blues 2 - 5 Florida Panthers +110 -132 Odds
FT Dallas Stars 1 - 4 Nashville Predators +110 -119 Odds
FT Minnesota Wild 5 - 2 Chicago Blackhawks +115 -135 Odds
FT Winnipeg Jets 4 - 2 Vancouver Canucks -120 +100 Odds
FT Detroit Red Wings 4 - 2 Arizona Coyotes +106 -115 Odds
FT Buffalo Sabres 2 - 3 San Jose Sharks +155 -175 Odds
Friday 13 October
FT Washington Capitals 5 - 2 New Jersey Devils -147 +125 Odds
FT New York Rangers 1 - 3 Jackets +125 -139 Odds
FT Anaheim Ducks 1 - 3 Colorado Avalanche -110 +100 Odds
FT Ottawa Senators 6 - 0 Calgary Flames +135 -156 Odds
Saturday 14 October
FT Carolina Hurricanes 1 - 2 Winnipeg Jets -120 Odds
AOT Toronto Maple Leafs 4 - 3 Montreal Canadiens +100 -120 Odds
FT St. Louis Blues 1 - 2 Tampa Bay Lightning +132 -143 Odds
FT New Jersey Devils 3 - 2 New York Rangers -152 Odds
FT Washington Capitals 2 - 8 Philadelphia Flyers +100 -120 Odds
FT Florida Panthers 3 - 4 Pittsburgh Penguins +150 -172 Odds
460' Colorado Avalanche 1 - 2 Dallas Stars +175 -213 Odds
665' Jackets 3 - 4 Minnesota Wild Odds
150' Nashville Predators 0 - 0 Chicago Blackhawks +135 -156 Odds
556' Boston Bruins 3 - 1 Arizona Coyotes -132 +110 Odds
695' Calgary Flames 0 - 0 Vancouver Canucks -116 -105 Odds
791' Ottawa Senators 1 - 0 Edmonton Oilers +165 -185 Odds
Buffalo Sabres 22:30 Los Angeles Kings +170 Odds
New York Islanders 22:30 San Jose Sharks +115 -125 Odds
Sunday 15 October
Buffalo Sabres 21:00 Anaheim Ducks
New York Islanders 22:30 Los Angeles Kings

It’s a given that popularity of fantasy hockey is commanding a bigger slice of NHL bettors bankrolls. However, all that’s needed is a quick look at the betting boards at top ranked online sportsbooks to realize that ice hockey wagering is still hugely popular around the world. From puck lines, to straight up prices and game total odds, plus a wide variety of player props and playoff futures betting options, there are hundreds of odds offered everyday throughout the global hockey season. Variety is the spice of life and, when it comes to puck wagering action, bettors can have it all.

Perform the proper homework, that includes studying the trends, statistics, and injury reports, and then use the hard work to cash in on the exciting fantasy and daily hockey betting action. Don’t forget that top rated online sportsbooks, like SportsInteraction which is highly recommended here at Canada Sports Betting, have been around for decades. They wouldn’t make our list if they weren’t the best of the best in the business. By continuing to offer a simple account registration process, safe and secure bankroll funding options, plus prompt payouts, bettors can wager with confidence at and of the top ranked bookmakers here at CSB.