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-Betting Picks- 

Although we are a multi-faceted sports and entertainment information source; betting picks will always remain as our core passion. The handicapping industry has exploded recently and much of the “advice” you find at Site A will be the rehashed and featured at Site B. Proud to stay far away from the herd, Canada Sports Betting features in-house, handcrafted, betting advice. Our tips are researched, then written and published normally within 24 hours of game time, which helps us deliver bettors the most up to date online sports and entertainment wagering information.

-WAGS News-

While online wagering should be always be taken seriously, it’s your hard-earned cash that’s on the line, all work and no play makes Jane and Joe bettor’s dull girls and boys. For that reason, we like to spice things up a bit with articles that feature the hottest WAGS in sports. Matching the latest sports news with bombshell beauties, like we did when we recognized QB Tom Brady’s return the NFL by featuring his gorgeous wife Gisele Bundchen in our WAG News section, is something we are always on the lookout for. If there is a WAG you would like us to feature – please drop us a line.

-News Galleries-

Keeping up with the latest sports news goes hand-in-hand with our handicapping predictions and fantasy sports betting advice. Knowledge is, and always will be, King when it comes to wagering on sports. Here at Canada Sports Betting, we are proud to feature sports news galleries that bettor’s can use to increase their chances of cashing winning wagers. Whether it’s advice on the hottest rookies and sleepers that can help cash winning tickets, or former studs that are destined to be duds, our News Galleries are designed to keep bettors informed and up to date on the athletes.

How To Bet Online In Canada

Betting in Canada has never been more confusing and simple at the same time than it is today. It’s confusing for bettor’s who place their wagers using a pencil and the complicated paper forms at Sports Lottery retailers like the Western Canada Lottery Corporation – not to mention dealing with ties and the three-bet system. It’s simple for bettor’s who fire up their computer or mobile device and head over to the top rated sportsbooks recommended here at Canada Sports Betting. Let us help with your sports betting research on the matches and then log into your betting account directly from our website. Bet on what you want, when you want to, at any of the globally respected bookmakers here at Canada Sports Betting. Click the review icons for more information.

Free Daily Sports and Fantasy Betting Tips, Advice and Predictions

Though we are firm believers in the “to each their own” mantra – we have never understood why sports bettor’s would pay exorbitant amounts of money to buy picks online. This has been a capsule look at some of the features that we offer free of charge everyday. Surf around CSB to check out our free picks, free advice and free entertainment. Then, when you are ready to wager, access the best online sportsbooks in the business instantly by clicking the “Visit Site” buttons above. Enjoy!