NHL Advanced Stats – WOWY Analysis

Simply stated, super-stars are key to winning and losing in pro sports. Just look at the NFL New England Patriots who usually steamroll teams with QB Tom Brady – or the Oakland Raiders who crashed and burned when star pivot Derek Carr went down with a broken leg in 2016. As part of our Learn To Earn betting series, this Under The Numbers feature looks at NHL advanced stats with a focus on With or Without You analysis.

How To Use With Or Without Your Stats?

An injury to a star offensive player will move the line — but will the line move enough? The WOWY (With or Without You) will tell you… Watch the video below and learn to earn.

History is littered with examples of the importance super stars - a team like Montreal can certainly relate to that. Backed by All-Star Carey Price, the Canadiens opened the 2015-16 season with an impressive 9-0 mark. Price was then lost to injury and the Habs went 29-38-6 the rest of the way and missed the playoffs. The Lightning are also familiar with stumbling after losing a top player. Tampa Bay opened the 2016-17 season with a 10-6-1 record with Steven Stamkos in the lineup.

After losing Stamkos to a knee injury in the middle of November, the Bolts have posted a borderline .500 record and Tampa is in serious jeopardy of missing the NHL playoffs. While “With or Without You” analysis is not an end all – be all, being as teams do win despite being down a star, tracking player injuries are key component of puck betting research. The top sportsbooks below help bettors cash in on their handicapping homework by offering extensive ice hockey wagering options.

Corsi Stats NHL Betting Tips

Debatable as to how worthy of consideration they are, Corsi rankings are often referred to in NHL betting tips. The main crux of the Corsi stats, whether tabulated for individual players or the entire team, is total shots at the goal for and against at even strength and includes shots on goal, blocked shots and shots that miss the net entirely. Teams or players with higher Corsi stats generally spend more time in the offensive zone while a lower Corsi numbers indicate more time being spent in the defensive zone. Detractors to the importance of Corsi stats can point to the 2015-16 NHL season as the second and third best Corsi squads, Carolina and Toronto, missed the playoff party altogether.

National Hockey League managers began paying much more attention to analytics like Corsi ratings back in 2014 as teams like Toronto, Philadelphia and Columbus began hiring computer and math wizards to help them with player evaluation. While some teams won’t openly admit it, it is safe to say that every franchise now has some sort of analytics department within their organization. That’s evident by the top and bottom Corsi gap getting smaller in recent years as the best teams numbers have dropped while the worst teams stats have risen. From our handicapping perspective, we are like Sweden in that we are fairly neutral when it comes to Corsi ratings as a day-to-day betting key.

Recommended National Hockey League Online Betting Sportsbooks

Corsi enthusiast or not, analytics should be used with some caution. We discovered that when we projected the standings for the 2016-17 season as part of our NHL futures wagering research. Looking at year-over-year adjusted Corsi rankings, the Ducks, Oilers and Blues were projected to miss the postseason in the West while The Blue Jackets, Islanders and Senators were left out in the East. At the time of writing (03/03/17) all six of those teams are in or near a postseason position. Whichever research path bettors take, the plan should end at the top ranked online sportsbook listed below - SportsInteraction is a hockey wagering hotbed for us. We have done that portion of the research for handicappers as these are the best Canada focused bookmakers in the business. 

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