Sports Betting Trends

While trends come and go, team and player stats remain a constant source of valuable sports wagering information. Whether it's teams running red-hot or ice cold, or certain players playing lights out or stumbling around like they are in the dark, understanding what is happening in the “here and now” is an important research tool. As our video explains; sports betting trends come in a variety of forms.

Statistics In Sports Betting

Hockey people agree that 10 games is a large enough sample size to identify a trend. But the events of those games are just as important as the results as they’ll help you filter out the anomalies and make better bets.

Streaking is good. Streaking sports teams – not the 1970’s fad that's mostly faded away thankfully. Statistics in sports betting come in many varieties and team winning streaks are very easy to track. Bettors also need to be on the lookout for productive statistics by players like a MLB pitcher, a NHL goaltender, a NBA point guard or a QB hitting a winning run prior to and during the NFL playoffs. Simply stated, hot and cold statistics require attention in order to perform proper betting analysis.

Score And Odds Betting Trends

Like every nugget of information, harvested during a solid research dig, it is always wise to consider score and odds betting trends before laying down any hard earned cash. Whether you are tailing some high scoring NHL squads for a game total selection at an online puck betting specialist like SportsInteraction, or favorites who are generally on some sort of roll if they are chalk, checking “recent history” is a good thing. We place emphasis on recent history and suggest the main focus should be on trends that have occurred over the past ten games. Beyond that, road/home records, series history, and previous matches during a current season, can extend time frames of trends.

Green Bay heading into the 2017 NFC Championship Game on an eight game winning streak, and scoring an average of 32 points per game during the run, are prime examples of betting trends that should warrant serious consideration. QB Aaron Rodgers tossing four touchdowns during three of the Packers last four games during the streak is also a solid trend. There are less obvious trends to consider and we uncovered this one while doing some 2017 AFC Championship research. The list of quarterbacks Tom Brady faced after returning from a 2016 suspension was far from impressive. Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger headed into that contest with more weapons and was playing at a higher level than any of them. Not an "end all - be all' it should be food for betting thought.

Other trends, which may appear to be solid gold on paper, need to be investigated a little further. An example here was the Patriots 7-1 recent record versus the Steelers heading into their NFL 2017 title game. Most of that run was ancient history, plus Pittsburgh rolled into New England with their most dynamic Crew on offense ever, so bettors needed to factor that in. We also suggest tossing out some "trends" altogether. An NBA team that is 7-0 during the last ten years, when playing a morning game, on the first Saturday in March, on three days rest, against a team that just played back-back-games with travel, and had a game morning meal at Denny's, is not a trend. One thing you never want to toss out is our list of top rated bookmakers. No matter the sport, they are the best in the online sports betting business and account registration is available 24/7 all year long.