Top 10 Most Heated Rivalries In NBA

The NBA is a league driven by star power and rivalries and it’s had plenty of both during its existence. Constantly squaring off with top tier opponents on a yearly basis for the right to move on in the playoffs and/or win a championship is where great rivalries are born. Whether it’s a natural rivalry between two teams trying to step over one another to reach the Finals, or battling for the Larry O’Brien Trophy itself, this Top 10 piece takes a look at the most heated NBA rivalries. 

Heated NBA Rivalries Of The Past 30 Years

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Best NBA Rivalries Of Recent Memory

There is no denying the fact that games and playoff series between the teams that are mentioned on this list are some of the best the NBA has to offer each season. The recent NBA Finals between Golden State and Cleveland have been edge-of-your-seat type stuff for NBA fans of any team and great rivalries always add that extra bit of excitement and entertainment value to being an NBA fan. The hatred and desire to get over a rival is what drives these NBA players to be at their best every time out on the floor and although some of these Top 10 entrants involve teams that have seen their rivalries die down lately, there are always new ones forming and the hope that the rivalry can be rekindled in a new era like the Lakers/Celtics one has been on multiple occasions. 

Rivalry games can provide a decided edge one way or another for NBA bettors as handicappers generally know what they’ll get when rivals meet up. Rivalry matchups can also have an impact on other games as bettors can take advantage of potential “look ahead” or “letdown” spots when these great teams either have a rivalry matchup on deck or have just gotten through one.

For example, the first time Golden State and Cleveland meet in the 2016-17 season (Christmas Day) will be a highly hyped game. Along with betting on a point spread or outright winner for that contest, bettors may want to go against the Warriors and Cavs in their respective games before and after that meeting as there is no question that both have circled that rematch on the calendar.

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Away Score Home Money Line
Monday 19 March
FT Milwaukee Bucks 117 - 124 Cleveland Cavaliers +130 -149 Odds
FT L.A. Lakers 100 - 110 Indiana Pacers +188 -217 Odds
FT Charlotte Hornets 94 - 108 Philadelphia 76ers +360 -435 Odds
FT Memphis Grizzlies 115 - 118 Brooklyn Nets +290 -345 Odds
AOT Denver Nuggets 141 - 149 Miami Heat +103 -123 Odds
FT Chicago Bulls 92 - 110 New York Knicks +175 -204 Odds
FT Warriors 75 - 89 San Antonio Spurs +300 -357 Odds
FT Detroit Pistons 106 - 90 Sacramento Kings -164 +144 Odds
Tuesday 20 March
FT Toronto Raptors 93 - 86 Orlando Magic -526 +425 Odds
FT Thunder 99 - 100 Boston Celtics -238 +200 Odds
FT L.A. Clippers 109 - 123 Wolves +153 -172 Odds
FT Dallas Mavericks 105 - 115 Pelicans +240 -286 Odds
FT Atlanta Hawks 99 - 94 Utah Jazz +1000 -1667 Odds
FT Detroit Pistons 115 - 88 Phoenix Suns -313 +260 Odds
FT Houston Rockets 115 - 111 Blazers -175 +156 Odds
Wednesday 21 March
Toronto Raptors 19:00 Cleveland Cavaliers +105 -125 Odds
Memphis Grizzlies 19:00 Philadelphia 76ers +825 -1250 Odds
Charlotte Hornets 19:30 Brooklyn Nets -123 +103 Odds
New York Knicks 19:30 Miami Heat +500 -667 Odds
Denver Nuggets 20:00 Chicago Bulls -526 +425 Odds
L.A. Clippers 20:00 Milwaukee Bucks +180 -208 Odds
Indiana Pacers 20:00 Pelicans -115 -105 Odds
Washington Wizards 21:30 San Antonio Spurs +200 -238 Odds
Thursday 22 March
Memphis Grizzlies 19:00 Charlotte Hornets
Philadelphia 76ers 19:00 Orlando Magic Odds
Detroit Pistons 20:00 Houston Rockets
L.A. Lakers 20:00 Pelicans
Utah Jazz 20:30 Dallas Mavericks Odds
Atlanta Hawks 22:00 Sacramento Kings Odds
Friday 23 March
L.A. Clippers 19:00 Indiana Pacers
Denver Nuggets 19:00 Washington Wizards
Phoenix Suns 19:30 Cleveland Cavaliers
Brooklyn Nets 19:30 Toronto Raptors
Wolves 19:30 New York Knicks
Miami Heat 20:00 Thunder
Milwaukee Bucks 20:00 Chicago Bulls
Utah Jazz 20:30 San Antonio Spurs
Boston Celtics 22:00 Blazers
Atlanta Hawks 22:30 Warriors
Saturday 24 March
Wolves 18:00 Philadelphia 76ers
Chicago Bulls 19:00 Detroit Pistons
Phoenix Suns 19:00 Orlando Magic
L.A. Lakers 20:00 Memphis Grizzlies
Pelicans 20:00 Houston Rockets
Charlotte Hornets 20:30 Dallas Mavericks
Sunday 25 March
Cleveland Cavaliers 13:00 Brooklyn Nets
San Antonio Spurs 15:30 Milwaukee Bucks
Miami Heat 17:00 Indiana Pacers
L.A. Clippers 18:00 Toronto Raptors
New York Knicks 18:00 Washington Wizards
Boston Celtics 18:00 Sacramento Kings
Blazers 19:00 Thunder
Atlanta Hawks 20:00 Houston Rockets
Utah Jazz 20:30 Warriors

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