The Hottest Wag Of the Week : Elaine Alden

Landry Fields had a promising NBA career as a gritty forward but several injuries forced him to retire abruptly. Fortunately, the former New York Knick and Toronto Raptor landed a sweet gig as a talent scout for the San Antonio Spurs and is married to arguably the sexiest model in the league, Elaine Alden. The blonde bombshell is a model, mom and diehard basketball fan and will be fully supporting Fields in any role he takes. Her photos light up the Internet but here’s a taste of what she’s all about.

Hotter Than Any Team In Basketball

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Let’s Play Basketball!

As the leaves turn orange and fall, the temperatures drop and Halloween approaches, it’s the NBA season coming back. Alden will be balancing life as a model and mommy as hubby Landry Fields will be adjusting to his new role as a college scout for the San Antonio Spurs. The five-time NBA champions will look to make it six when they also adjust to life without longtime franchise big man Tim Duncan who retired last season. They will have their hands full as the Golden State Warriors just snagged former MVP Kevin Durant and are looking like the clear-cut favourites to win it all.

Next to only soccer, basketball has to be the most popular team sport in terms of its visibility across several continents. Whether it’s in Asia, Australia or Latin America, the sport has plenty of fans but all the money is right here in North America where gamblers flock to the betting lines to be part of the action. Our trusted bookmakers offer the best betting prices on top of up-to-the-minute updates on all current game action. Signup bonuses up to $200 let first-time players settle in quickly.

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Away Score Home
Monday 30 October
FT Spurs 94 - 108 Celtics Odds
AOT Wolves 125 - 122 Miami Heat Odds
FT Nuggets 110 - 116 Knicks Odds
FT Sixers 115 - 107 Rockets Odds
FT Hornets 104 - 99 Grizzlies Odds
FT Magic 115 - 99 Pelicans Odds
FT Mavs 89 - 104 Utah Jazz Odds
FT Raptors 99 - 85 Blazers Odds
FT Warriors 141 - 113 Clippers Odds
Tuesday 31 October
FT Kings 83 - 101 Pacers Odds
FT Suns 122 - 114 Nets Odds
FT Thunder 110 - 91 Bucks Odds
FT Pistons 93 - 113 L.A. Lakers Odds
Wednesday 01 November
FT Bucks 121 - 126 Hornets Odds
FT Pacers 124 - 107 Cavaliers Odds
FT Hawks 109 - 119 Sixers Odds
FT Suns 122 - 116 Wizards Odds
FT Kings 86 - 113 Celtics Odds
FT Bulls 91 - 97 Miami Heat Odds
FT Rockets 119 - 97 Knicks Odds
FT Magic 101 - 99 Grizzlies Odds
FT Wolves 104 - 98 Pelicans Odds
FT Raptors 111 - 129 Nuggets Odds
AOT Blazers 103 - 112 Utah Jazz Odds
FT Mavs 98 - 119 Clippers Odds
Thursday 02 November
FT Warriors 112 - 92 Spurs Odds
FT L.A. Lakers 110 - 113 Blazers Odds
Friday 03 November
Bucks 19:00 Pistons Odds
Bulls 19:00 Magic Odds
Pacers 19:00 Sixers Odds
Cavaliers 19:00 Wizards Odds
Rockets 19:30 Hawks Odds
Suns 19:30 Knicks Odds
Pelicans 20:30 Mavs Odds
Hornets 20:30 Spurs Odds
Miami Heat 21:00 Nuggets Odds
Raptors 21:00 Utah Jazz Odds
Celtics 21:30 Thunder Odds
Nets 22:30 L.A. Lakers Odds
Saturday 04 November
Grizzlies 15:30 Clippers
Kings 19:00 Pistons
Pelicans 20:00 Bulls
Mavs 20:00 Wolves
Warriors 21:00 Nuggets
Sunday 05 November
Hawks 15:00 Cavaliers
Miami Heat 15:30 Clippers
Celtics 18:00 Magic
Wizards 18:00 Raptors
Utah Jazz 19:00 Rockets
Suns 19:00 Spurs
Pacers 19:30 Knicks
Hornets 20:00 Wolves
Thunder 21:00 Blazers
Grizzlies 21:30 L.A. Lakers

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