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NFL Teams Not To Make The Playoffs Odds

NFL Teams Not To Make The Playoffs Odds
Another year of exciting National Football League action is on the horizon as Week 1 begins on September 6, 2018, when Atlanta visits Philadelphia. While visions of NFL Championship glory remain in place for all 32 teams, stark reality has just 12 squads participating in the race to Super Bowl LIII which will play out on February 4, 2019. Some teams seasons are over before they even start.

NFL Teams Not To Make The Playoffs In 2018

From off-season organized team activities (OTA’s) to mandatory minicamps, preseason workouts and then exhibition games, National Football League teams do everything they can to get ready for a run at the Super Bowl every year. The regular season 16-game grind is a long one and making the postseason is the end goal of every team. Unlike the NBA and NHL, where just over half of the squads advance to the second season, 20 teams listed below will not make the 2019 NFL playoffs.

With the new NFL campaign a ways off in the distance, top ranked Canadian Sports Betting online bookmakers have already set prices for each team’s regular season win total. The lines below are valuable insights when wagering on which squads will make the postseason and which teams are golf course bound. Coupled with NFL Championship futures lines, Canuck ‘Cappers have info to place bets well in advance of Week 1 action. Use this early information to go forth and prosper.

Season Total Win Lines: Posted at 6:00 PM EDT on Wednesday, June 27, 2018.

NFL 2018 Team Win Totals
New England Patriots 11 (-175 O +125 U) 11 (-155 O +125 U) 11.5 (-110 O -120 U)
Philadelphia Eagles 10.5 (+105 O -147 U) 10.5 (+105 O -135 U) 10.5 (+110 O -140 U)
Pittsburgh Steelers 10.5 (+100 O -139 U)  10.5 (+100 O -130 U) 10.5 (-110 O -120 U)
Minnesota Vikings 10 (-133 O -105 U) 10 (-125 O -105 U)  10.5 (+120 O -150 U)
Green Bay Packers 10 (-122 O -124 U)  10 (-110 O -120 U) 10.5 (+120 O -150 U)
Los Angels Rams 9.5 (-200 O +140 U) 9.5 (-170 O +140 U) 9.5 (-145 O +115 U)
New Orleans Saints 9.5 (-133 O -105 U) 9.5 (-125 O -105 U)  9.5 (+100 O -130 U)
Los Angeles Chargers 9.5 (-111 O -125 U) 9.5 (-110 O -120 U) 9.5 (-110 O -120 U)
Atlanta Falcons 9 (-159 O +115 U) 9 (-145 O +115 U)  9.5 (-105 O -125 U)
Jacksonville Jaguars 9 (-139 O +100 U) 9 (-130 O +100 U) 8.5 (-155 O +125 U)
Carolina Panthers 9 (+110 O -154 U) 9 (+110 O -140 U) 8.5 (-135 O +105 U)
Houston Texans 8.5 (-175 O +125 U) 8.5 (-155 O +125 U) 8.5 (-155 O +125 U)
San Francisco 49ers 8.5 (-133 O -106 U) 8.5 (-125 O -105 U) 8.5 (-140 O +110 U)
Dallas Cowboys 8.5 (-133 O -105 U) 8.5 (-125 O -105 U) 8.5 (-110 O -120 U)
Kansas City Chiefs 8.5 (-125 O -111 U)  8.5 (-120 O -110 U) 7.5 (-145 O +115 U)
Oakland Raiders 8 (-133 O -105 U)  8 (-125 O -105 U) 8.5 (+105 O -135 U)
Tennessee Titans 8 (-126 O -110 U) 8 (-120 O -110 U)  7.5 (-130 O +100 U)
Baltimore Ravens 8 (-118 O -118 U)  8 (-115 O -115 U) 8.5 (+115 O -145 U)
Detroit Lions 8 (+105 O -146 U) 8 (+105 O -135 U)  7.5 (-115 O -115 U)
Seattle Seahawks 8 (+105 O -147 U) 8 (+105 O -135 U)  8.5 (+140 O -170 U)
Washington Redskins 7 (+100 O -139 U) 7 (+100 O -130 U)  6.5 (-150 O +120 U)
Denver Broncos 7 (-176 O +125 U)  7 (-155 O +125 U) 7.5 (-125 O -105 U)
Indianapolis Colts 6.5 (-147 O +105 U) 6.5 (-140 O +110 U) 6.5 (-115 O -115 U)
New York Giants 6.5 (-201 O +140 U) 6.5 (-170 O +140 U) 6.5 (-150 O +120 U)
Buffalo Bills 6.5 (+125 O -175 U) 6.5 (+125 O -155 U) 6.5 (+110 O -140 U)
Cincinnati Bengals 6.5 (-139 O +100 U) 6.5 (-130 O +100 U) 6.5 (-130 O +100 U)
Chicago Bears 6.5 (-159 O +115 U) 6.5 (-145 O +115 U) 6.5 (-135 O +105 U)
Miami Dolphins 6.5 (-111 O -125 U) 6.5 (-110 O -120 U) 6.5 (+110 O -140 U)
New York Jets 6 (+105 O -147 U) 6 (+105 O -135 U)  6.5 (+105 O -135 U)
Cleveland Browns 5.5 (-138 O -101 U) 5.5 (-130 O +100 U) 5.5 (-120 O -110 U)
Arizona Cardinals 5.5 (-175 O +125 U) 5.5 (-155 O +125 U)  5.5 (-150 O +120 U)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers OTB  OTB OTB

Odds Table Note: QB Jameis Winston Uber issues have Tampa Bay temporarily off the board.

Scanning the odds table above, it is fairly clear which teams are destined to fail in their bid to play in the 2019 postseason. This is particularly true when one considers that just four teams have earned a shot at the Super Bowl when posting less than nine victories. Then in San Diego, the Chargers were 8-8 in 2008, Seattle went 7-9 and won the weak NFC West in 2010, Denver claimed the AFC West with an 8-8 mark in 2011, while Green Bay won the NFC North with an 8-7-1 record in 2013.

Bettor’s need to be aware that a winning season doesn’t guarantee a playoff berth as teams have posted double digit wins and were still postseason eliminated over the past ten years. New England put up a 11-5 mark in 2008 but the Patriots lost a tiebreaker to Miami as the Dolphins earned a Wild Card berth. The Giants, Buccaneers, Bears, Eagles, Cardinals and Jets all posted a 10-6 seasons but did not earn a playoff berth recently so check division stablemates before placing any bets.

AFC Teams With Best Odds To Miss the 2019 Playoffs

Advancing to the American Football Conference playoffs is no small feat as two of six spots are usually won by New England and Pittsburgh. The Patriots have earned a berth during the last nine seasons while the Steelers have missed the playoffs three times over the past decade. That leaves four openings for the other 14 teams and two of those spots are reserved for the AFC South and West Division winners. The best of the rest are left to fight it out for two Wild Card berths.

Change was prevalent in the AFC last season as Jacksonville, Tennessee and Buffalo bumped off 2017 playoff teams Houston, Oakland and Miami. The Texans, Raiders and Dolphins crashed hard as their combined 31-17 records fell to 16-32 during the 2018 campaign. The Jaguars won their first AFC South title since 1999 and ended a nine-year playoff absence. Tennessee snapped an eight year playoff drought while the Bills made the postseason for the first time in almost two decades.

Seven of the 16 AFC squads have win total projections of seven or less including Buffalo who are posted with a 6.5 total at top NFL betting sites. Of those squads, listed in the table above, we don’t see any of them advancing to the playoffs. That includes Cleveland (-2000), Miami (-1200) the New York Jets (-1000) and Indianapolis (-1000) who are huge underdogs to challenge for the Super Bowl. The Betway sportsbook has prices posted on teams to NOT make the 2019 playoffs.

Early Best Bets To Miss AFC Postseason: Browns, Bills, Colts, Dolphins and Jets. 

NFC 2019 Playoff Race Will Be Close Again This Season

Changing frequently, every National Football Conference team has been in Super Bowl contention over the past decade – except Tampa Bay. Green Bay leads the way as the Packers have advanced to the postseason during eight of the past ten seasons. Seattle and Atlanta are next at six playoff berths while Philadelphia, New Orleans, Minnesota and Carolina have made the postseason during five of the past ten years. At two straight seasons – the Falcons own the longest NFC playoff streak.

Wholesale changes occurred in NFC playoffs last season as Atlanta was the only returning team. That left five new faces as 2017 contenders Dallas, Seattle, Green Bay, NY Giants and Detroit were replaced by Philadelphia, LA Rams, Minnesota, New Orleans and Carolina in the fight for the Super Bowl. We know how that ended, as the Eagles claimed their first NFL title with a 41-33 win over New England. The race to Super Bowl 53 appears to be wide open in the NFC again this year.

That is evident by the fact that eleven of the 16 NFC squads have odds of (-400) or less to “not make the playoffs” on the Betway futures board. Washington and New York (-600) Chicago and Tampa Bay (-800) plus Arizona (-2000) lead the way as “chalk” to be shut out of the NFC playoff party this year. Of the “longshots” to miss the postseason, the San Francisco 49ers (-138) price is very generous as we see Los Angeles being the only team earning a playoff berth in the NFC West.

Early Best Bets To Miss NFC Playoffs: Bears, Buccaneers, Cardinals, Lions and Redskins

Online Bookmakers Offer Sports Betting 24/7

Always the “gorilla in the room” there is never a shortage of NFL wagering options at the Canada Sports Betting recommended online sportsbooks listed in the table below. In fact, bookmakers like Bodog normally post prices on the NFL title game a year in advance of Super Bowl Sunday. That is just one simple example of the benefits to betting online – as opposed the burning money on house stacked Provincial sports lottery schemes. At the time of writing, on 27/06/18 with Week 1 action still 70 days away, value added wagering odds are available for the first 16 regular season matches.

Canadian ‘Cappers, who may not be ready to take the Week 1 plunge yet, are advised that Super Bowl, Conference Championship and Win The Division odds are at their ripest right now. Once NFL futures tickets are secured, bettors can turn to the Boys Of Summer as MLB Fall Classic battles are raging and are fully covered by Canada friendly online sportsbooks. Even though the Washington Capitals and Golden State Warriors just won the NHL and NBA Championships, new puck and hoops betting seasons crank up once the short summer months pass by in the blink of an eye.

Wager on pro and college sports, plus entertainment and politics at veteran bookmakers….

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