Tennis Betting Tipsters

Never have so few taken so many majors in the history of tennis. The gulf that separates the top seeds from the rest has made tennis extremely predictable at the biggest stages. As a result, people who want to increase their success when wagering on the ATP and WTA look to tennis betting tipsters for insight. Foreseeing improbable but not impossible runs, such as Milos Raonic’s finals appearance at Wimbledon, makes you and your wallet look like a genius.

Top Tennis Tipsters

Most sports fans know about the four majors, but many don’t follow the rest of the ATP and WTA tours. Top tennis tipsters keep tabs on all tournaments and events throughout the year, giving them additional insight into the outcome.

Tennis Tipping Predictions

Tennis tipping predictions offer advice when betting on single games, as well as the outcome of tournaments, for both the ATP and the WTA tour. Wagering on singles tends to be more popular than betting on doubles, and the majors attract more attention than the Masters or the Premiere series of events.

Grand Slam Tipsters. The most exciting time for a tennis betting fan are the Grand Slam events, which define the careers of all tennis pros. Tipsters know that the vast majority of these tournaments are won by the top three or four seeds, so tennis wagering experts will help you find value elsewhere.

ATP & WTA Tipsters. When you compare the results of the Women's Tennis Association with the Association of Tennis Professionals, it become clear that the men's tour has seen a few elite competitors earn nearly all the majors since Roger took over the sport. On the women's side of the draw, Serena Williams will continue to hunt the record for major wins, although stars like Simona Halep look to cement their own legacy. Tipsters will point out trends that differentiate the tours.

Betting on either of the professional tours mostly involves discovering matchups that have odds that create a decent payout at a reduced risk. The profit from tennis tipsters will come from experts who have an uncanny sense of the sport, achieved by keeping a finger on the pulse of the tennis world. As always, it's a good idea to shop around a bit before selecting a tipster whose advice you consider before placing your wager.