Soccer Betting Tipsters

The most popular and played sport in the world also happens to be the most popular to bet on as well. Soccer betting tipsters break down game strategies and trends in detail to make it easier for you to profit off your latest wager. Among the most popular events and leagues to bet on include the FIFA World Cup, the UEFA World Cup, EPL, MLS, Champions’ League and the Europa League, giving fans plenty of competitions from which to choose.

Top Soccer Tipsters

Soccer betting tipsters often utilize their knowledge of the biggest professional leagues to gain insight on international play. Their encyclopaedic knowledge of the beautiful game helps to focus on the most important aspects of predicting winners.

Soccer Tipping Predictions

Results / FixturesMLS, Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, World Cup

Soccer tipsters tend to know the ins and outs of all the major pro leagues and international competitions due to their feverish devotion to the sport. The rise of the MLS has created a new league for handicappers to pick apart, in addition to Champions' League, World Cup and Euro Cup competitions.

MLS Soccer Tipsters. After contraction cut the MLS down to ten teams, the league rebounded to grow to more than twenty, making it the most popular North American soccer league for tipsters. The MLS Cup, CONCACAF and the U.S. Open Cup give MLS tipsters plenty of wager to predict over the course of a year.

International Soccer Tipsters. Outside of North America, soccer is the sport of choice, with plenty of big international leagues such as the EPL and La Liga dominating headlines. Champions' League, World Cup and Euro Cup competitions tend to be the most popular games to wager on for international soccer tipsters and regular fans alike.

Since soccer represents one of the biggest sports betting markets in the world, you can profit from soccer tipsters pretty much throughout the year. The sheer variety of pro and international competition, including a perpetual period of qualifying play for World Cup, Euro Cup and other big tournaments, can make it difficult to track trends and progress across multiple time zones. When looking for a solid soccer tipster, you should check to see which types of competition that they tend to excel in and the international connections they possess.