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The fastest team sport in the world features some of the toughest and most skilled athletes you’ll find anywhere, making a solid hockey matchup one of more enjoyable events for wagering. Hockey betting tipsters often disregard the old-school mentality of former NHLers, coaches and general managers in favour of a more balanced approach that blends traditional wisdom with cold, hard numbers. [+]

National Hockey League and Olympic hockey tends to be the most popular hockey events for wagering purposes.

Top Hockey Tipsters

Many of the top hockey tipsters have records that set themselves apart from those who don’t focus only on the NHL. Just because Canada dominates the sport, doesn’t mean that the best handicappers are Canadian.

Hockey Tipping Predictions

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Overseas leagues continue to grow, but they pale in comparison to the size of the NHL, which is the most popular hockey for tipsters to bet on, especially during the Stanley Cup playoffs. World championship and Olympic hockey provide some of the best pure hockey in the world, making it fun and potentially profitable to predict which squad will earn the Gold.

NHL Tipsters. Among the major pro North American leagues, NHL hockey tends to be slightly more unpredictable. A shift towards defensive strategies during the mid-1990s gave teams with little firepower a chance to compete with more talented teams, as long as they play great team defense and receive solid goaltending.

World Championship and Olympic Hockey Tipsters. When you want to bet on the world hockey scene, enlisting the help of a hockey tipster will help fill in knowledge gaps and blind spots before you decide which team you want to back. Outside of Canada, the fortunes of international teams change from era to era.

For the most part, hockey hasn't experienced the same stats and metrics analysis revolution that baseball, basketball and football have enjoyed. While some have adopted this new way of thinking quickly, others are still getting used to new stat categories and how they affect predictions. As you're vetting hockey tipsters, it's worth your time to see which experts have started to integrate advanced stats from the NHL, in addition to their records and past wagering achievements.