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There’s no doubt that football is the most popular sport in the United States, which has resulted in a crowded field of football betting tipsters offering you the lock of the week. NFL action has pretty much transcended into an American religion at this point, with the most successful tipsters and handicappers considered oracles of the sport. Football also has a distinguished history in Canada, even if the game features radically different rules.

Top Football Tipsters

The NFL is by far the biggest game in town, with top football tipsters earning large followings. Though small, the CFL has an entrenched fanbase along with tipsters familiar with the Canadian product.

Football Tipping Predictions

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Those who engage in football tipping predictions know the gridiron like the back of their hand, allowing them to focus on important aspects of predicting the outcome of matches with greater regularity. Some tipsters know the game well enough to sense opportunities like impending upsets, such as the Giants beating the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.

NFL Tipsters. The NFL is popular enough in the United States to draw top statisticians, who crunch numbers to gain insight on the outcome of NFL matches. At the top levels of American football, smothering defence and a solid running game can upset even the most favoured teams. providing NFL betting fans with exciting wagering opportunities.

CFL Tipsters. The CFL is one of the oldest sports leagues in North America, with CFL tipsters drawing on trends that date back nearly a century when considering their picks. A larger field and a three-down rule usually allows for more offence and unpredictability in the CFL, leading to more upset opportunities than usual.

Predicting the outcome of football games, regardless of whether you're betting on the NFL, CFL or NCAA, can be a tricky endeavor at the best of times. Football teams are well-oiled machines, moving together with purpose. All it takes is a rough day for an offensive line to make life hell for quarterbacks, while offenses thrive from even the smallest defensive gaps. When trying to profit from football tipsters, vetting previous records, achievements and education help to determine their worth.