Expert Consensus Sports Betting Tips

Experts Consensus sports betting tips is the flagship product of the Covers brand of sports tipsters and handicappers who provide insight into nearly all the big leagues, competitions and events. This site sources these picks from a group of well-known tipsters in the industry, which Covers has gathered since opening up shop in 1995. Experts Consensus is one of the slicker sports betting products on the market, placing a premium on customer communication and service.

Expert Consensus Picks

Experts Consensus picks are derived from a system in which at least three different expert handicappers agree on a betting opportunity. Also, picks must be agreed upon by at least 75% of the experts, representing the consensus side of the equation.

Expert Consensus Betting Review

If you’re familiar with the concept of crowd sourcing, you’ll know that the answers to many questions may be found by simply asking enough people, eventually leading to a high probability of finding the correct answer. Covers utilized crowd sourcing in a similar manner, except they do so with sports handicapping experts, increasing the quality of the picks.

Expert Consensus Sport Specialty

There aren’t any obvious sports specialty that the Experts Consensus product represents, although their latest MLB and NFL streaks during the 2016 season are nothing to sniff at. If anything, the specialty of this site revolves around bringing experts together for a wide range of wagering opportunities.

Expert Consensus Past Achievements

This sports betting product has only been around since 2014, but has already shown to produce profit across all sectors. The first season was the most successful, with an all-sport betting return on investment of $26,890, according to the history published on site.


Expert Consensus Tipsters and Handicappers

Since Covers has managed to put together an outstanding group of tipsters and handicappers, their Expert Consensus picks always have quite a bit of heft behind them. While you can search the site to learn more about their handicappers, you might not be able to know exactly who creates the consensus among tipsters and experts at Covers.

If you’re interested in slow and steady sports betting profit without having to think too much about it, you might want to consider checking out this site.