Dustin Johnson vs Rory McIlroy

Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy are two of the biggest names in world golf Both are major champions and both have reached the top of world golf by holding the number one ranking. These two players are approaching the prime of their careers and will be looking to lead the way for the next generation of golfers. So which of the two is the king? Who is going to be the one that follows in the footsteps of Tiger and dominates for the next decade? Who is your guy?

Who Has The Best Golf Swing?

Dustin Johnson is the current number one golfer in the world according to the official rankings and is coming off a breakthrough 2016. This was a year that saw him win his first major (the US Open), tie for a career-best fourth at the Masters, and take home awards including but not limited to the PGA Player of the Year and PGA Tour Player of the Year titles.

It was also a breakthrough year for his bank balance - Dustin also won the PGA Tour Leading Money Winner trophy. His rise to the top has been slow and steady, much in contrast to that of McIlroy's, but those who know the game well will tell you that age plays much less of a factor on tour than in other sports, and as Johnson is still in his early thirties he is in a great position to take a hold on his position and continue the momentum.

History will show that Dustin Johnson became world number one on February 19, 2017, and the length of time he stays there is really up to him. Rory McIlroy is one of the chasing pack of golfers itching to return to the number one spot.

Gone are the days of a sport dominated by one man, and perhaps Tiger Wood's record of 281 cumulative weeks at the top between 2005 and 2010 will never be broken, but one thing is for sure, if any man can catch him it is the former world number one.

McIlroy rose to fame very early on in his career. His first major title came when he won the 2011 US Open at the age of just 22, and he went on to hold the number one ranking for a total of 95 weeks. To date he has won four majors, with just the Masters left to go before he completes a sweep of the four. His meteoric rise saw him take over from Tiger Woods as the cover star of the EA Sports PGA Tour video game series, date former number one tennis player Caroline Wozniaki and obtain several high profile sponsorship deals.

McIlroy has been unable to hold off challenges from Jason Day, Adam Scott, Luke Donald, Jordan Spieth and now Dustin Johnson as he attempts to maintain his stature at the top of the rankings. It is an impressive list of names and, now number 2, McIlroy will need to keep performing if he is to reclaim the throne. There is no doubting his potential and his ability - not just anyone can choke at the Masters then just months later rebound to win the US Open by a whopping eight shots.

So it's 1 vs 2 as we highlight the careers of two incredible golfers and discuss their potential chances in upcoming events. Who will be the one to continue their top form and lead us into the next decade? Who is your guy?

Dustin Johnson Majors

Johnson has won just the one major trophy to date, his 2016 triumph at the US Open. While he has finished in the top five at the other three majors, he will no doubt be hunting down the other three big ones to add to his collection. Johnson has 17 career professional wins and his career winnings on the PGA tour to date are approximately $45 million, an incredible record that already sees him eighth of all time. Below are his best results at all four major tournaments:

  • 2016, Masters, T4, Winnings ($413,333)
  • 2016, US Open, Winner, Winnings ($1,800,000)
  • 2011, The Open Championship, T2, Winnings (£427,447)
  • 2010, PGA Championship, T5 Winnings ($270,833)

Rory McIlroy Majors

Rory has won at every major tournament except the Masters, and has notched up four career major championships to date. Like Johnson, he has finished in at least the top five at every major, and will be looking to improve on that in the years to come by taking the final step and becoming champion at the Masters. McIlroy has 22 professional wins, but has slightly less than Johnson on the overall PGA Tour career winnings list with just under $36 million.

Below are McIlroy's best finishes at the major tournaments.

  • 2015, Masters, 4th, Winnings ($480,000)
  • 2011, US Open, Winner, Winnings ($1,440,000)
  • 2014, The Open Championship, Winner, Winnings (£975,000)
  • 2012 & 2014, PGA Championship, Winner, Winnings ($3,245,000 total)

Golf Betting Tips

As always, there are a number of enticing betting opportunities at all of the leading sportsbooks, and you don't have to stop at simply placing a wager on who you think will win the tournament.

The top sports betting sites will allow you to pick who you think will place in the top three, top five, top ten and even whether your player will make the cut at all of the major tournaments, and this is a great way to put your knowledge of world golf to the test.

For example, you will always get low odds on a favourite like Johnson or McIlroy to make the top ten, but you can always count on an outsider or two to join them in the money list. Research the players in form, and take a punt on a less-fancied player to really strike it rich at the golf! It is also a good idea to consider the statistical lines when betting on PGA tour events.

Lines such as 'Longest Drive' and 'Most Fairways Hit' can be offered by bookmakers and you can be sure to find all the information you need to make informed decisions at the official PGA Tour Website. You can also use the information here to determine who is most likely to lead early and fade, or vice versa. This can help you bet on the 'Daily Leader' markets.

And don't just stop with the individual fields. Use the statistics to help you determine the likely winner of a tournament by comparing tour numbers with course-specific information. A long course will obviously benefit the longer hitters, while a more intricate narrow or hazardous course will favour those with the best approach play or scrambling ability.

Be sure to check the weather forecast before you bet as certain players will thrive in the wet and others may be better in dry conditions. Finally, never underestimate the power of a live bet. You can bet during rounds with all the best sportsbooks, which is a major advantage when the favourite starts slowly and his price begins to rise.

By biding your time and being patient, you can really take advantage of the odds on offer. Regardless of how you like to bet, you can be sure that our selection of great sportsbooks will enable you to pick a winner in what ever field you wish. Dustin and Rory are always safe bets in the big tournaments, so place your wager today and watch the money come in! As always, you can join in the conversation on Facebook, be sure to check it out and tell us who is your guy.