Brad Marchand: “Nose Face Killah”

Mighty Mouse to his mates, and a mighty pest to opponents, Boston Bruins NHL stud Brad Marchand always gets the most out of his 5’ 9” 181 pound body. From his days in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, to his play on Canada U20 and Team Canada squads, plus his time in Beantown, Marchand has been an All-Star at every level he has played at. These are highlights of the Nose Face Killahs’ career. 

Brad Marchand Highlights

Brad Marchand Stats

During his junior career, with the Moncton Wildcats, Val-d’Or Foreurs, Halifax Mooseheads and the Providence Bruins from 2003 to 2010, Brad Marchand was a sniper who played with a ton of grit. Born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, through 439 Junior games Marchand scored 166 goals and added another 268 assists which is five points shy of a point per game average. As a junior, Marchand always shined bright in the playoffs as he registered 94 points over 81 games played.

Drafted 71st overall, during the 2006 NHL Entry Draft, Marchand has played for the Boston Bruins since the 2009-10 NHL season. After playing in twenty games, posting one point in his first season, Marchand has been a force for Boston ever since. From 2010-11, through the 2016-17 NHL regular season, the Bruins fire-plug put up 372 points over 514 games played. Marchand added 39 points during his first 66 playoff games and helped the Bruins claim the Stanley Cup as a rookie in 2011.  

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competitions Away Score Home Money Line
September 2017 (7)
Mon 18 Habs 2 - 3 Boston Bruins -116 -105 Odds
Tue 19 Red Wings 2 - 4 Boston Bruins +155 -175 Odds
Thu 21 Flyers 1 - 2 Boston Bruins -105 -116 Odds
Sat 23 Boston Bruins 1 - 5 Red Wings +145 -154 Odds
Mon 25 Hawks 2 - 4 Boston Bruins +125 -147 Odds
Thu 28 Boston Bruins 1 - 5 Flyers +115 -135 Odds
Sat 30 Boston Bruins 0 - 1 Hawks +190 -233 Odds
October 2017 (9)
Thu 5 Reg. MD1 Preds 3 - 4 Boston Bruins +102 -110 Odds
Mon 9 Reg. MD2 Avs 4 - 0 Boston Bruins +170 -200 Odds
Wed 11 Reg. MD2 Boston Bruins 3 - 6 Avs -116 -105 Odds
Sat 14 Reg. MD2 Boston Bruins 6 - 2 Arizona Coyotes -132 +110 Odds
Thu 19 Reg. MD3 Canucks 3 - 6 Boston Bruins +145 -167 Odds
Sat 21 Reg. MD3 Buffalo Sabres 5 - 4 Boston Bruins +170 -200 Odds
Thu 26 Reg. MD4 San Jose Sharks 1 - 2 Boston Bruins -105 -116 Odds
Sat 28 Reg. MD4 Kings 2 - 1 Boston Bruins +105 -125 Odds
Mon 30 Reg. MD5 Boston Bruins 3 - 4 Jackets +120 -141 Odds
November 2017 (12)
Sat 4 Reg. MD5 Caps 3 - 2 Boston Bruins +105 -125 Odds
Mon 6 Reg. MD6 Minnesota Wild 3 - 5 Boston Bruins Odds
Wed 8 Reg. MD6 Boston Bruins 2 - 4 Rangers +120 -135 Odds
Fri 10 Reg. MD6 Boston Bruins 2 - 3 Leafs +120 -141 Odds
Sat 11 Reg. MD6 Leafs 4 - 1 Boston Bruins +125 -147 Odds
Wed 15 Reg. MD7 Boston Bruins 22:00 Anaheim Ducks +103 -112 Odds
Thu 16 Reg. MD7 Boston Bruins 22:30 Kings
Sat 18 Reg. MD7 Boston Bruins 22:30 San Jose Sharks
Wed 22 Reg. MD8 Boston Bruins 19:00 Devils
Fri 24 Reg. MD8 Pens 13:00 Boston Bruins
Sun 26 Reg. MD8 Edmonton Oilers 17:00 Boston Bruins
Wed 29 Reg. MD9 Lightning 19:30 Boston Bruins
December 2017 (14)
Sat 2 Reg. MD9 Boston Bruins 13:00 Flyers
Mon 4 Reg. MD10 Boston Bruins 20:00 Preds
Thu 7 Reg. MD10 Arizona Coyotes 19:00 Boston Bruins
Sat 9 Reg. MD10 Isles 19:00 Boston Bruins
Wed 13 Reg. MD11 Boston Bruins 20:00 Red Wings
Thu 14 Reg. MD11 Caps 19:00 Boston Bruins
Sat 16 Reg. MD11 Rangers 17:00 Boston Bruins
Mon 18 Reg. MD12 Jackets 19:00 Boston Bruins
Tue 19 Reg. MD12 Boston Bruins 19:30 Buffalo Sabres
Thu 21 Reg. MD12 Winnipeg Jets 19:00 Boston Bruins
Sat 23 Reg. MD12 Red Wings 13:00 Boston Bruins
Wed 27 Reg. MD13 Ottawa Senators 19:00 Boston Bruins
Thu 28 Reg. MD13 Boston Bruins 19:30 Caps
Sat 30 Reg. MD13 Boston Bruins 19:00 Ottawa Senators
January 2018 (12)
Tue 2 Reg. MD14 Boston Bruins 19:00 Isles
Thu 4 Reg. MD14 Florida Panthers 19:00 Boston Bruins
Sat 6 Reg. MD14 Canes 19:00 Boston Bruins
Sun 7 Reg. MD14 Boston Bruins 19:30 Pens
Sat 13 Reg. MD15 Boston Bruins 19:00 Habs
Mon 15 Reg. MD16 Dallas Stars 13:00 Boston Bruins
Wed 17 Reg. MD16 Habs 19:30 Boston Bruins
Thu 18 Reg. MD16 Boston Bruins 19:00 Isles
Sat 20 Reg. MD16 Boston Bruins 19:00 Habs
Tue 23 Reg. MD17 Devils 19:00 Boston Bruins
Thu 25 Reg. MD17 Boston Bruins 19:30 Ottawa Senators
Tue 30 Reg. MD18 Anaheim Ducks 19:00 Boston Bruins
February 2018 (13)
Thu 1 Reg. MD18 St. Louis Blues 19:00 Boston Bruins
Sat 3 Reg. MD18 Leafs 19:00 Boston Bruins
Tue 6 Reg. MD19 Boston Bruins 19:30 Red Wings
Wed 7 Reg. MD19 Boston Bruins 20:00 Rangers
Sat 10 Reg. MD19 Buffalo Sabres 19:00 Boston Bruins
Sun 11 Reg. MD19 Boston Bruins 19:00 Devils
Tue 13 Reg. MD20 Calgary Flames 19:00 Boston Bruins
Sat 17 Reg. MD20 Boston Bruins 22:00 Canucks
Mon 19 Reg. MD21 Boston Bruins 16:00 Calgary Flames
Tue 20 Reg. MD21 Boston Bruins 21:00 Edmonton Oilers
Sat 24 Reg. MD21 Boston Bruins 19:00 Leafs
Sun 25 Reg. MD21 Boston Bruins 17:00 Buffalo Sabres
Tue 27 Reg. MD22 Canes 19:00 Boston Bruins
March 2018 (16)
Thu 1 Reg. MD22 Pens 19:00 Boston Bruins
Sat 3 Reg. MD22 Habs 17:00 Boston Bruins
Tue 6 Reg. MD23 Red Wings 19:00 Boston Bruins
Thu 8 Reg. MD23 Flyers 19:00 Boston Bruins
Sat 10 Reg. MD23 Hawks 13:00 Boston Bruins
Sun 11 Reg. MD23 Boston Bruins 12:30 Hawks
Tue 13 Reg. MD24 Boston Bruins 19:00 Canes
Thu 15 Reg. MD24 Boston Bruins 19:30 Florida Panthers
Sat 17 Reg. MD24 Boston Bruins 19:00 Lightning
Mon 19 Reg. MD25 Jackets 19:00 Boston Bruins
Wed 21 Reg. MD25 Boston Bruins 20:00 St. Louis Blues
Fri 23 Reg. MD25 Boston Bruins 20:30 Dallas Stars
Sun 25 Reg. MD25 Boston Bruins 19:30 Minnesota Wild
Tue 27 Reg. MD26 Boston Bruins 20:00 Winnipeg Jets
Thu 29 Reg. MD26 Lightning 19:00 Boston Bruins
Sat 31 Reg. MD26 Florida Panthers 13:00 Boston Bruins
April 2018 (4)
Sun 1 Reg. MD26 Boston Bruins 12:30 Flyers
Tue 3 Reg. MD27 Boston Bruins 19:30 Lightning
Thu 5 Reg. MD27 Boston Bruins 19:30 Florida Panthers
Sat 7 Reg. MD27 Ottawa Senators 19:00 Boston Bruins

Brad Marchand Team Canada

There’s no shortage of hockey Medals in the Marchand household as he has laid claim to four Gold Medals while representing Canada on the global stage. The winning started early as Marchand, along with future stars Carey Price, Jonathan Toews and Kris Letang captured Gold during the 2007 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships in Sweden. Marchand then teamed up with players like Steve Mason and Drew Doughty to claim the 2008 WJIHC Championship in the Czech Republic.

Turning pro, Marchand continued to star on the international stage as he helped Canada win Gold at the 2016 IIHF World Championship in Russia. Back on Canadian soil, Marchand scored five goals and added three assists over six games as Canada won the 2016 World Cup of Hockey that was played in Toronto. If not for a three goal and seven assists showing by Sidney Crosby, Marchand would have been the tournament MVP. Surprisingly, Marchand as never played in the Olympics.  

Brad March Funny Moments

From commercials, to trash-talking on-ice antics and post-game interviews, YouTube is loaded with funny Brad Marchand moments. In fact, just looking at Marchand is enough to bring a smile to your face as the “Nose-Face Killah” has the look of a guy one would like to have a beer with. One of the funnier moments we found was during the 2014 NHL playoffs as Marchand was at his agitating best when he gave Canadiens C Tomas Plekanec a jab as the two were lining up for a faceoff.

During his official rookie season in 2010-11, Boston won the Stanley Cup and the Bruins visited the White House. Then US President Barack Obama had the press core chuckling when he referred to Marchand as a “little ball of hate” due to his agitating style of play. Fun and games aside, Brad Marchand is one of the most skilled players in the game today and he has been a winner wherever he has played. Speaking of winning – puck betting fans are advised to place winning wagers at the top NHL sportsbooks listed in the table below. Canada based veteran Bodog is one of our favorites.

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