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Since the beginning of time – sports have been woven into the fabric of life. They bring us to our feet in celebration of victory and can be cruel when our hero’s suffer the agony of defeat. More important, they act as a source of exciting entertainment, a virtual escape from everyday life and, when bet on properly, they line our pockets with cold hard cash. Here we look at some of the biggest stars in sports. 

“The Guy” Video Series

As an entertaining component of the Canada Sports Betting “Learn To Earn” tutorial package, our “The Guy” video series is focused on the top athletes, coaches and architects that help shape the sports wagering world. Over the coming months, we will spotlight some of the biggest names in the games with an in depth look at their careers and a peek into their lives away from the stadium.

Tom Brady (Patriots, NFL)

Tom Brady's The Guy

Jumping in with both feet, and with the Super Bowl just around the corner, we begin our “The Guy” feature with a superstar who will soon be known as the greatest quarterback in NFL history. A multiple Super Bowl and NFL MVP award winner, and the owner of almost every major playoff record a QB can earn, Tom Brady is one of the most admired athletes on the planet.

Athletes and Sports Competitors

From an early age, whether on a backyard ice rink or at a community athletic park, Canucks like to emulate the stars we idolize while growing up. Touching almost every aspect of our lives, including the entertainment and social avenues we enjoy, sports take us to a wonderful world of last minute NFL touchdown drives, dramatic MLB walk-off home runs, NBA 3-point buzzer beaters and clutch NHL overtime goals. Though divided by allegiance to our favorite teams, sports bring people of all cultures and backgrounds together in stadiums, sports bars and rec rooms across the Great White North all year. An escape hatch, from the daily grind, sports transcend the boundaries of real life.

Long before the trash that is loosely billed as “Reality TV” today – there was real, true life TV that was, and still is, called sports. Virtually indelible, everyone remembers where he or she was when a historic moment occurred during an athletic competition. A born, raised and Proud Canadian, yours truly remembers being in my public school homeroom class when Paul Henderson scored the game winning goal during the Canada vs Soviet Union 1972 Summit Series. Arguably the biggest moment in Canadian sports history, Henderson, an NHL star with the Toronto Maple Leafs and Detroit Red Wings, became an instant National Hero in the hearts of pride-filled Canucks from coast to coast.

While gambling is not everyone’s cup of tea, we certainly do respect that, online sports bettors have their own love-hate relationship with the stars, team owners and architects who will be featured in this progressive video series. Whether they lead us to bankroll building success, or into a short stay at the heartbreak hotel, sports always draw us back in for more thrills and spills. With a sole goal of helping handicappers enjoy regular gambling success, the Crew at Canada Sports Betting is here to offer wagering tutorials, game day advice and to guide bettors to the best online bookmakers in the business today and everyday. Check out the CSB recommended sportsbooks below and register a personal betting account at anytime. Then follow us for LIVE odds, scores, and FREE betting picks.

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