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Serbia vs Brazil World Cup 2018

The final group match for these nations will be crucial for very different reasons. As group favourites, Brazil should be looking to lock down top spot in the group, for an astonishing tenth consecutive time. This will enable them to progress to the second round as the number one seed and avoid their 2014 nemesis Germany in the Round of 16.

Serbia on the other hand will likely need a win to have any chance of progressing to the next phase of the competition for the first time, and much will depend on their results against Switzerland and Costa Rica. If they have picked up enough points in their other matches, a draw may suffice here, although it’s much more likely that Serbia too will need a win, particularly as the result of the Switzerland-Costa Rica match will be unknown.

Serbia are an interesting prospect. They boast some of the biggest names in world soccer including captain Aleksandar Kolarov, who helped AS Roma progress to the Champions League semi-finals, and Nemnja Matic, one of Manchester United’s best. They also finished atop a tough qualification group that featured the Republic of Ireland, Wales and Austria.

Yet Brazil are on another level, and it’s unsurprising to see them start as the clear favourite to win this match. The South Americans’ pedigree is second to none at the World Cup, and we don’t think they have a chance of losing even if they come into this match without the need for victory. Much like France, Germany and Spain, Brazil boast incredible depth and should be able to manage a win regardless of who takes the field.

It is certainly important to await potential team changes before placing money on this match. Brazil’s likelihood of winning won’t change too much, yet you will find that the odds available will be much more enticing if some of the biggest names are out. The Brazilians start this game at -279, so there is little point placing your bet now.

Serbia start at huge outsiders to win this match, paying +800, while the draw can be obtained at +381. We’re predicting a decent win to the Brazilians, who should be going for a clean sweep of Group E. Our pick is a 3-1 victory, with Serbia always a threat to score from set pieces against the run of play.

Serbia vs Brazil Game Info

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    When: Wednesday, Jun 27 (2pm ET)

  • 2

    Where: Spartak Stadium, Moscow

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    TV: FOX, Telemundo*

Serbia vs Brazil Betting Tips

Brazil’s huge favouritism, while expected, does not offer the betting community much in terms of head to head odds, and therefore you will be no chance of a big outlay. The best option may be to place a parlay bet, combining this head to head result with other sure things in the final round of matches. Spain, Portugal and Germany are all worthy candidates.

There are certainly other options, particularly if betting on multiple matches does not interest you. Our pick for this match is the half-time/full-time double, where you place your bet against the result at the interval and at the end of the match. We’ve noticed that Brazil are more likely to score goals in the second half of matches, usually because opponents throw all their efforts into defending against one of the world’s best nations.

We have a feeling this match will be level at the interval, before Brazil make a breakthrough in the second half. The draw – Brazil option in this market is offering great odds – +278, and is certainly worth a try. Alternatively, Brazil – Brazil is available for +101, if you believe the favourites will score early.

Similarly, you can always bet on 1st half winner market. The odds here certainly back up our theory that the first half may finish level – +132 is on offer for the draw while -118 is available for Brazil to enter the sheds with the lead.

We mentioned that we think Serbia are a chance of scoring, and if you look at Brazil’s 2014 campaign as a reference, you will see that they allowed their opponents at least one goal in all but one of their games. In the ‘which teams will score?’ market, you can get +119 for both teams.

Finally, there’s always the correct score market for those who want to really press for a large payout. Our prediction of 3-1 is offering huge odds – +1111, while the favoured result is Brazil 1-0 (+444).