BCLC PlayNow Sports Betting

Fortunate to live in a virtual outdoor paradise, it’s an added bonus that residents in British Columbia have access to the best online sports wagering in Canada. Thanks to the BCLC PlayNow sports betting platform, BC sports fans can bet on the action anywhere within the Beautiful Province. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows on the West Coast though. Here we check out Canada’s crown jewel of provincial sports lotteries.

British Columbia Lottery Corporation Gaming

Pristine lakes surrounded by sun-soaked beaches, plus world-class hiking and snow skiing, are part of the privilege of living in British Columbia. So is having access to Canada’s most progressive online wagering system.

As long as they are at least 19 years old, and physically within the BC borders, bettors have access to the PlayNow British Columbia Lottery Corporation gaming platform.

While we recognize PlayNow as the premium provincial sports lottery option available in Canada – it still isn't up to par with the top-ranked offshore sportsbooks recommended on the following table.

    Featuring online Poker, Casino, Blackjack, Lotto, and sports betting action, the PlayNow gambling hub is the envy of many east of the Rocky Mountains. Within the sports wagering area, BC bettors have a choice of the North American Big Four leagues, a variety of soccer and other international events, as well as a vast array of entertainment and political betting options.

    While we appreciate some of what we see, the house advantage forced parlays and devalued prices aside, the offshore sportsbooks listed above still deliver more bang, and bonuses, for everyone's sports betting buck.

    BCLC PlayNow Review

    Possessing a look and feel that is comparative to established online sportsbooks, the BCLC PlayNow system is a hybrid of the Ireland-based Paddy Power sports betting group. In a white-label deal with the Government of British Columbia, Paddy Power provides PlayNow fixed odds and pricing, plus oversees risk management and the BCLC database.

    It is not surprising that the PlayNow system has now migrated to Manitoba and that they were the first in North America to offer the Powerbucks Omni-channel progressive slots jackpot. As it pertains to sports betting, though, the BCLC package still includes some suspect restrictions that will always tilt the odds in the Government’s favour.

    • Betting Odds and Prices Can be Unfavorable
    • Only Available to Residents Within the BC Boundaries
    • Most Options Require a Two-Bet Minimum Parlay Wager

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    BCLC PlayNow Odds

    Superior to the ACL and Loto-Québec, who both offer online betting but still feature forced TIE odds, and miles ahead of the OLG and WLCL platforms that are still in the stone ages, the BCLC wagering option is by far the best provincial lottery offering in the Great White North.

    Although powered by an offshore bookmaker, the BCLC can only stretch their provincial laws so far. After that, they are up against the Federal Government as paragraph 207(4) (b) of the Criminal Code prohibits single-game wagering in Canada. Would BCLC eliminate forced parlays – if they could?

    While it's an open-ended question, the individual provinces almost had a chance to make that call. A prime opportunity vanished when Parliament shot down what was a reasonable and responsible private member’s bill.

    Bill C-221 sought to eliminate the paragraph in Criminal Code of Canada that currently prohibits “betting on a race or fight or a single sports event or athletic contest”. We have been following this fiasco since it became a hot-button topic is 2005 - and heated up when Bill C-290 was put forward in 2012. Although that original bill passed, it later languished and died in the non-elected Senate.

    The opposition to legalizing single sports betting, which is led by the Liberal Party, is as fishy a movement as they come. Bill C-211 did not even make it out of the House of Commons as it was killed on September 12, 2016, by a 156-133 margin. Fishy indeed.

    A flawed premise, Big Brother Feds want everyone to believe they are “looking out” for their Little Brother provinces by continually quashing this amendment to the Criminal Code. Forced parlays are a huge advantage to the house and the Government wants to preserve that part of their Golden Betting Pond. Pushing the false notion that allowing single-bets would suddenly turn Canada into a land of gambling degenerates is unreasonable and deceitful.

    Though not against Provincial Sports Lottery schemes as a betting option, we are opposed to any restrictions that tilt the odds away from the players and further into the operators' favour. That is currently the case in Canada.

    How and when single-game betting will become legal North of the 49th is anyone’s guess.

    Until that happens, the Crew here at Canada Sports Betting is committed to guiding Canadians to safe, fair and always accessible online betting shops. Although we do applaud some of the virtues of the BCLC PlayNow system, better options are available from top-ranked bookmakers listed above.

    We encourage Canuck bettors to surf around our recommended offshore sportsbooksBodog is one of our preferred sites, and then wager on exciting events like those listed in the table below.

    Results / FixturesNHL, CFL, NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS

    BCLC PlayNow Sports Betting FAQ
    • Operated by the BCLC, PlayNow provides a safe, secure online betting platform for users to enjoy. They offer downloadable software, providing users with Casino, Poker, Bingo, Sports, Live Casino, and Lottery.

      The Casino offers a broad range of games, including Blackjack, Sicbo, Craps and many more. Moreover, the poker tables are great as they allow users to enjoy a variety of poker tournaments, with huge cash prizes for winners.

    • Every day PlayNow has different games available, with some available throughout the week. The schedule for the betting options at PlayNow are as follows:

      • Lottery: 6:00am-4:08am (approximately)
      • Live Casino: Available 24 hours a day
      • Casino Games: Available 24 hours a day
      • Sports: Available 24 hours a day
      • Bingo: Available 24 hours a day
      • Poker Games: Available 24 hours a day

      On the odd occasion, PlayNow will close down during these periods due to server updates or website maintenance.

    • As PlayNow is managed and regulated by the BCLC, bettors must reside in the province of British Columbia in order to play bets online.

    • PlayNow.com is the best place to find the most up-to-date Lottery results. If bettors navigate to the website and look for “Lottery Winning Numbers” and “Sports Results”, they will find the latest information.

    • Lottery subscriptions are commonplace for users of the BCLC Lottery and they allow users to choose the numbers for all future draws. One option is the Quick Pick Package, which allows users to bet automatically but bettors are unable to choose the numbers.

    • No. Once the ticket has been purchased, it’s valid until the numbers have been released. If bettors aren’t interested in using their ticket, they can simply not hand it in once the draw has been released.

    • BCLC tickets are drawn using a proven method, which ensures integrity and safe procedure users can rely on. Draws are conducted using a computerized system, providing automated draws.

    • Do not worry, this happens quite a lot! It’s not a problem if bettors don’t have the funds in their account, they will just miss out on that day’s lottery. In order to stay on top of subscriptions, ensure that there are sufficient funds in the account.

    • Well, it really depends on which package you go for, as there are Lotto packages which can go up to as much as $40. But, for an individual ticket bettors will pay between $1-5 dollars per ticket.

    • GameSense is a result of the commitment the BCLC has to ensure responsible gaming. They provide an innovative approach to responsible gambling resources, designed to assist players who may be having issues with finding balance in their betting. They provide a range of resources for bettors to learn more about gambling, any issues and the risks associated with betting.