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An easier accessible schedule is one of the most important tools at a bettor’s disposal. Knowing when every game is play is of the utmost importance. On this page, bettors will find printable schedules for the most popular sports in Canada, so bettors never will miss an opportunity to wager on a great upcoming matchup, the biggest events or their favourite team.

Sports Schedule Today

Bettors will find printable schedules for the most popular sports and leagues on this site. These leagues include the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, the Premier League and of course Canada’s very own CFL. Bettors will also find schedules for the world’s biggest sporting events including the FIFA and FIBA World Cup. 

North American sports are full of exciting events spare out all over the year. As few sports start at the same time, there are always games and events for enjoyment and betting. The big four sports (MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL) all overlap at some point. Major League Baseball starts up in the early spring – typically the first week in April – and runs for six long months before entering the postseason in October. As the MLB is wrapping up its final month of the season, the NFL gets up and running the Thursday after Labour Day going all the way until the first Sunday of February, when North America’s biggest sporting event – the Super Bowl – is played.

The NHL and NBA both begin in October and both the Stanley Cup Finals and NBA Finals are played in June. Canada’s very own football league starts its season up around Canada Day and finishes off with the Grey Cup in late November. Major League Soccer has the longest season of any sport in Canada, running from early March to the beginning of December.

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Sports TV Schedule

With so many domestic sports and the growth of international leagues, the sports landscape in Canada continually offers bettors and fans multiple games and events all year long. The majority of sports in Canada broadcast on either TSN or Sportsnet with both networks competing for the rights to the biggest leagues and games. Canadians will still find some sports on the major networks.

CBC is home to Hockey Night in Canada, the marquee place to watch hockey games on Saturday night. CTV plays Sunday afternoon NFL games and the entire schedule of NFL playoff games including the Super Bowl. Most Canadians get some American channels in their basic television packages, which increases the amount of games available every week.

As much as Canadians love variety in sports, Hockey remains the top option for most Canadians. The two major sports broadcaster in Canada offer many specialty programs focusing on the NHL and regionally broadcasters have dedicated blocks in their schedule to focus on daily new and musing of their NHL franchise. The biggest sporting events transcend team favouritism.

Most sports fans are eager and excited to watch the biggest events, whether it be the World Series, Super Bowl or even the FIFA World Cup. The biggest events showcase the best teams in that sport or leagues biggest stage. Head out to any bar on Super Bowl Sunday and see the sea of football fans just there to enjoy the best the NFL has to offer. As a multicultural and accepting nation, Canada’s sporting landscape reflects the values of Canadians, helping make it one of the greatest places to enjoy sports in the world.