WCLC Sports Select Betting

Providers of Sports Select wagering, the Western Canada Lottery Corporation facilitates gambling activities in Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Nunavut, Yukon and the Northwest Territories. Strictly controlled, and always slanted towards the government of the provinces and territories it serves, Point Spread, Pro Line/Over-Under, Pools and Props are the four planks that form the WCLC Sports Select betting platform.

Western Canada Lottery Gaming

In cities across the Prairies, from Winnipeg to Regina and Edmonton, plus Iqaluit, Whitehorse and Yellowknife in the North, Western Canada lottery and gaming is served up by the WCLC. Though baffling, that it's not available online, Sports Select tickets can only be purchased at lottery retailers. Handicappers in the heart of Canada have better options with these top ranked online sportsbooks.

As illustrated below, there are several major differences between the WCLC Sports Select wagering option and the offshore sportsbooks we carefully review here at Canada Sports Betting. If you want to skip the gory details - a singular point is all Western Canada bettors need to know. At the time of writing, we are just hours away from the 104th CFL Grey Cup Championship. With online sportsbooks you can bet on the game winner – with Sports Select you need the game winner and two other correct picks. We can't stress enough how much that slants the table towards the house.

WCLC Sports Select Review

As experienced and veteran handicappers, we know full well how much work is required to achieve success. Scouring the daily sports menu, to separate the good from the bad, and then researching the games you have left can take hours - just to find a single one-bet wager. With Sports Select, be prepared to multiply that work times two or three as bettors are forced to select a parlay with every wager. Also, don’t forget the added TIE odds options that government sports lotteries throw into the mix to complicate things. Simply stated; Sports Select sets up barriers that players should avoid.

  • Forced Parlays Favour the House
  • Added TIE Options Complicate Decisions
  • WCLC Sports Select is Not Available Online

WCLC Sports Select Odds

Bettors need to be prepared to deal with a lot of headaches, and more than their fair share of bad beats, when wagering on WCLC Sports Select odds. Take the nine-game NHL slate from 26/11/16 as an example. With the Pro Line odds, handicappers were required to predict a minimum of three games and were forced to select from HOME or TIE or VISITOR lines. While the deck is stacked in the governments' favour – it is doable. Going through the required homework, you discover a few key factors that put three teams in a hole before the games begin. With that primer - you pounce.

Sensing the Capitals, Devils and Red Wings might be a little weary, since they are playing on back-to-back nights with travel, you tie the Maple Leafs, Penguins and Canadiens together. While the Toronto pick is a bit risky, up against Alex Ovechkin & Crew, you are getting superior squads (and the better goaltenders) with Pittsburgh and Montreal. Due to the fact that you can’t bet online with the Sports Select option, you head out to your local lottery retailer to place your bet. Because of the added TIE factor, the odds are fairly decent and your ticket returns $146.53 on a $20.00 wager.

Placing that same wager online at SportsInteraction, where the TIE is eliminated, $71.11 is the return on your parlay ticket. Once back home, and tracking the games, the risky Toronto bet is up 4-1 but the Penguins and Canadiens are both down a goal late in the third period. In the end, the Leafs hang on and upset the Capitals while the Pens and Habs stormed back to win their contests in extra time. Unfortunately, because two of the matchups went into overtime, your WCLC Sports Select ticket is toast. Meanwhile, smart online bettors cashed winning tickets. Restack the odds in your favour by registering a personal wagering account at any of the top sportsbooks listed above.

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