Loto-Quebec Mise o Jeu Sports Betting

Pioneers of the Canadian sports and entertainment wagering industry for decades now, Quebec handicappers have access to one of the more progressive gambling platforms in Canada. Controlled by the government, Loto-Quebec Mise O Jeu sports wagering system is available online or at local lottery retailers. Let’s review the various options and see how they stack up to the quality betting offers at top rated offshore sportsbooks.

Loto Quebec Mise o Jeu Gaming

Available to players who are at least 18 years old, and physically located within the province, Loto Quebec Mise O Jeu gaming offers a wide variety of options. From sports and entertainment odds, to betting on global politics, we admit that we are impressed by the daily game lists posted at their website. In fact, it looks similar to the SportsInteraction home page but we must caution that it should not be confused with the top ranked offshore sportsbooks that we recommend on this list.

Though not an optimal handicapping option, Quebecor’s are much better off than their neighbours in Ontario. In addition to being able to bet online, from a computer or mobile device, some of the restrictions are relaxed with the Mise O Jeu system. Along with standard gambling, Mise O Jeu also offers a proprietary brand of weekly “pool” betting with their Predictions platform. That said, sports fans in La Belle Province can enjoy higher quality wagering action with the bookmakers listed above.

Mise o Jeu Review

Giving credit, where credit is due, during our Mise O Jeu review we were pleasantly surprised by the vast array of wagering options available to Quebec sports bettors. When we researched and wrote this (02/12/16) a list of twenty different categories was posted on the sidebar at the Loto Quebec website. Although they didn’t all have betting options listed - populated boards offered over 3,000 individual wagering choices. Progressing, though not yet fully evolved, the following restrictions and pratfalls are prevalent on the Mise O Jeu platform and should be noted prior to making any wagers.

  • Alternate Point Spread and Game Total Lines Are Not Available
  • Players Must Be Quebec Residents & Physically Within the Province
  • Minimum Two-Bet Forced Parlay Restrictions – No Single Game Wagers

Mise o Jeu Odds

Admitting that some of our Provincial Lottery reviews have been less than favourable, we grade the Mise O Jeu platform second to the handicapping options that are available in Manitoba and British Columbia via the BCLC PlayNow system. Being critical of the WCLC and OLG is warranted, due in part to their restrictive wagering requirements and lack of an online presence, as is giving a degree of praise to Loto Quebec offerings. The Mise O Jeu look and feel is surprisingly similar to established offshore websites, the interface is fairly easy to navigate and placing bets is very quick and simple.

Our excitement is tempered though as minimum two-game parlay restrictions remain, slanting the odds away from players, as is case across Canada. Don’t get us wrong, we have placed and cashed our fair share of parlay bets over the years and they certainly belong in every bettor’s toolbox. We do however object to being forced into predicting multi-game selections on every wager we place. Prior to settling in to write this review, we placed an NBA 2016-17 Week 6 bet on the Cleveland Cavaliers as road chalk versus the Chicago Bulls. In addition to being restricted from purchasing a single-game wager on the NBA Champs at Mise O Jeu - we also had to deal with an added hook. 

Quebec Loto had Cleveland posted with -2.5 (1.85) odds while our line was Cavaliers -2 (1.91) at SportsInteraction. Applauding the lack of a dreaded TIE option, a lack of value exists at Mise O Jeu as we had to pay $117.65 to earn a $100 return on the Cavaliers. At Canadian wagering legend SportsInteraction we were charged $109.89 to place the same wager. Quebec bettors are urged to break free of parlay restrictions and poor prices offered by Quebec Sports Lotteries. Surf around any of the top bookmakers listed above to discover how easy offshore betting really is. Once you have found your favourite(s) account registration is simple and bankroll funding is safe and secure. Bettors can also bank a signup bonus that can be used to place a free bet to ease into the action.

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