Prince Edward Island Lottery Sports Betting

Nestled in between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Prince Edward Island is the smallest province by land mass (5685 km2) and population (140,204) in Canada. Not large enough to support a pro sports team, PEI is home to the Charlottetown Islanders who play in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. Let’s take a trip around Spud Island and check out the PEI sports betting landscape.

Prince Edward Island Sports Betting

Serving residents of Prince Edward Island, along with Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador and New Brunswick the Atlantic Lottery Corporation controls the gambling activities in PEI. That includes the Pro-Line Stadium handicapping system but, though the ALC offerings are decent, the following wagering websites are recommended as the top online Prince Edward Island sports betting sites. 

Surrounded by majestic lighthouses, and world famous red sand beaches, picturesque PEI is often referred to as Canada’s Cradle of Confederation. Farming, fishing and tourism are the main engines that drive the Prince Edward Island economy. From Skinners Pond in the west, to Elmira in the east, residents of the Million Acre Farm have access to “local” online betting through the government controlled ALC Pro-Line Stadium sports gambling platform. Although they are better off than some in Canada, particularly those in Ontario and Alberta, the Pro-Line system remains far from optimal when compared to the top offshore bookmakers recommended here at Canada Sports Betting.

Lotteries In Prince Edward Island

Taking into account its relative small size, Prince Edward Island is home to some respectable land based betting action. Located in the provinces two biggest cities, Charlottetown and Summerside are home to almost half of PEI’s total population; two Red Shores Racinos are the best gambling hot spots on Spud Island. These modern gaming venues, offer LIVE and simulcast horse betting action as well as a variety of table games, slot machines, and yes, those dreaded VLT money pits. At the time of publishing, the Red Shores casinos were home to the only LIVE poker rooms in PEI. As is the case across Canada, PEI is void of any brick and mortar sportsbooks but sports wagering is available online with Pro-Line Stadium and at hundreds of lottery retailers throughout this majestic province. 

Prince Edward Island Lottery - Pro-Line Stadium

Giving credit, where credit is due, we are “mildly” impressed by the Atlantic Lottery Corporation Pro-Line sports betting platform. Offered by the PEI Lotteries Commission, this online package offers Pro-Line, Stadium Bets, Pro-Line Futures and Pro-Line Fantasy wagering platforms. Handicapping the North American Big Four odds on the NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA, plus soccer, tennis and golf can all be found on various game cards. We put an emphasis on “mildly” because there are restrictions within the ALC system that can easily turn carefully researched sports wagering tickets into trash.

During our reviews of the provincial sports lotteries, we've mentioned the disadvantages of parlay restricted wagers plus the three-odds (V TIE H) option that is attached to many of the government offered sports lottery schemes. When discussing some Pro-Line rule changes back in 2006, including wager amount limits, then Atlantic Lotto spokesperson Robert Bourgeois stated this to CBC News "We're a lottery; we're not a sports booking agency." While they might have changed their tune some, since their sports betting platform has expanded, we feel that statement is still the prevailing sail on the ALC/PEI betting ship that consistently unloads tons of cash into the government coffers.

*** Connecting bettors to the best wagering options is what we do. Far superior to the PEI Pro-Line Stadium sports lottery option, the Bet365 sportsbook ranks high on our list.

Best Alternative To Prince Edward Island Sports Lottery

As seasoned handicappers ourselves, we understand the time and research that’s required to predict the correct result of just a single game. Even in its most basic form, with a money line and selecting the home or visiting team, the task is challenging. That said, if we were forced to correctly forecast three matches, from nine variances, our winning percentage would sink like an oyster in Malpeque Bay. Ties at Pro-Line Stadium present a major hurdle for bettors, as the ALC has now tagged it to all sports. In hockey (NHL) it’s regulation time ending with the teams tied, in baseball (MLB) it’s a game decided by one run, in football (NFL & CFL) it’s three points, in basketball (NBA) it's five points and in soccer it’s any game that goes to a shootout.  Pro-Line Stadium adding ties to MLB wagering was a surprise as even the antiquated WCLC platform has left betting on the Boys of Summer tie free. 

Take Game 7 of the 2016 World Series as a classic example of the baseball tie throwing a fork into bettors carefully planned betting path. Chicago backers were feeling pretty good once their Cubs bets went up 6-3 after six innings. The celebration quieted considerably when Cleveland tied the score at 6-6 in the bottom of the eighth. The party was back on when the Cubbies score twice in the top of tenth but the plug was pulled for good when the Tribe scored once in the bottom of the inning before falling 8-7 to Chicago. Pro-Line Cubs bettors, despite picking the winning team, were left with losing wagers. At any of the Canada Sports Betting recommended sportsbooks, the best alternative to Prince Edward Island sports lottery schemes, straight up bettors were able to bank a well deserved cashout when the Cubbies celebrated their first Fall Classic Championship since 1908.