Pro-Line Online Sports Betting


Pro-Line has been offered at retail kiosks across Canada since 1992-93 and its online site has been in operation since 2000, although the OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation) is still in its infancy stages of offering online betting services. While ProLine remains wildly popular for bettors nation-wide, savvy bettors continue migrating to popular online betting sites, seen as being a better deal overall. [+]

Under Canadian federal law, five provincial/area Crown corporations were created to handle all gaming related activities. In Ontario, the OLG handles all bingo, lottery and sports betting services. The group of sports betting options across the nation is referred to as “Sports Select”, but within Ontario’s borders Sports Select is known as Pro-Line.

Pro-Line does also offer Point Spread, where players select between 2-12 game spreads and Pro-Picks, which offers three other options on a single game: Picks – where you select players/teams to finish in the Top 3, Props – much like props offered by other sportsbooks, but with a limited number of offerings and Pools – pool a number of different wagers for $5 with an elevated payout.


Alternatives to Pro-Line Online Betting

Check out the following assortment of alternatives to the ProLine betting service. These online sportsbooks are widely seen as providing the most bang for the bettor’s buck.

Pro-Line Sports Betting vs. Offshore Sportsbooks

Comparing offshore sportsbooks and Pro-Line Sports Betting is like comparing apples and oranges. Sure they both offer sports related wagering, but that’s where the similarities end. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is an organization dedicated to padding the government coffers with gambling money. As such, “easy money” activities such as lotteries and bingo services get the lion’s share of attention. For offshore online sportsbooks, sports is their biggest attraction. Many will offer casino games and/or Poker rooms, but these are extra pieces to the big draw of sports betting.

Pro-Line offers a limited number of betting options; in order to fill out a slip you must choose between 3-6 outcomes. Pro-Picks and Point Spreads differ slightly, but still follow the same model.

Offshore online sportsbooks face much more competition as they focus on the North American market, not just one Canadian province. As such, in addition to betting betting options that include Straight Bets, Parlays, Props and Teasers, there is the ability to combine bets across Money Lines, Point Spreads and Totals and buy points. There’s truly no comparison between betting options and lines offered with Pro-Line and offshore sportsbooks.

The high level of competition between offshore options truly does benefit the player with 24/7 customer service coming standard via methods such as email, live chat and toll-free telephone. For those of you who want to get more bang for their buck, bonuses and other promotions are standard across the offshore sportsbook industry, while you’ll be lucky to find one per year on Pro-Line.

Odds of Winning at Proline are bad vs. Offshore Betting Sites

When betting on your favorite sporting events,  when the pavement hits the road all you truly need to know is that Pro-Line is designed to make you lose money, while offshore betting sites are designed to spread the action evenly across both sides, with the House taking a slight bit off the top (industry-wide this is known as the “vig” or juice. 10% juice is standard).

Straight bets are not an option with Pro-Line, so you will need to select between 3-6 outcomes for a bet slip to be eligible. As such, bets on Pro-Line are not true Parlays. Whereas offshore sportsbooks will elevate your payout based on the number of events you choose, it’s a simple 1+1+1 outcome.

Let’s look at an example:

Choosing three home favorites in a regular season MLB game on Pro-Line with the listed odds (decimal) of 1.80, 1.45 and 1.50 and risking $10 will give you a payout of $39.20. That same bet on a leading offshore sportsbook, with odds (American) of +110, -160 and -145 will give you a payout of $57.66! Factor in provincial taxes on Pro-Line’s wagers and the fact that you’ll need to print out your ticket and bring it to an OLG retailer and it becomes even clearer. For sports bettors, Pro-Line might seem like a decent choice, but playing with an offshore sportsbook is what real sports betting Pros would do.